OOTD – All Tied Up In A Knot

Today’s outfit features a few of my newest favorite additions to my wardrobe. In order to decompress with finals coming my way, I decided to enjoy a casual brew, or two, with my closest chicka. Today, my ensemble features a black tie-knot top, a pair of high-waisted mom jeans, and my favorite pair of white ruffled socks. To accessorize, I chose an embellished belt, an orange floral bralette, and a pair of blue mirrored sunglasses, to shield me from the vitamin D rays.


To find my complete look:

  1. Annie Forest Tie Blouse ($49.50) – Elison Rd
  2. Galloon Lace Halter Bralette ($20.00) – Free People
  3. BDG Mom Jean – Vintage Wash ($59.99) – Urban Outfitters
  4. Ecote Metal-Tipped Leather Belt ($29.99) – Urban Outfitters
  5. White Ruffle Socks ($18.00) – American Apparel (SOLD OUT!!)

Enjoy the last few days of the sunny days, before winter trolls in. What are your favorite new pieces for the winter?


Aichan Tewahade


OOTD – Flared Out

While this look screams more like fall, since I’ve been spending most of my days studying, all I want to be comfortable, warm, and casual, as I continue grinding my geers towards my education. I paired my brown turtleneck sweater with a pair of flared, cropped, black jeans. I paired the look off with a few accessories including a turquoise choker necklace and a embellished belt. As for shoes, I chose to wear a pair of Steve Madden low-top platform sneakers to complete my look for school. I pulled my hair back into two french-braids to keep the distractions out of my face.

Here is my complete outfit here:

  1. American Apparel – Aslan Sweater ($30)
  2. Urban Outfitters – BDG Kick Flare High-Rise Jean – Black ($64.00)
  3. Steve Madden Platform Sneakers – SOLD OUT
  4. Turquoise Choker Necklace – Handmade



Aichan Tewahade

OOTN – All Striped Up

Another night spent out on the town. In a previous article, I mentioned that stripes have become an prominent trend within the fashion industry, and I could not help but dive into the trend. With that said, I paired my white and black pinstripe jumpsuit, with a light-wash denim jacket, and a pair of black low-top converse. While the look was very casual, the jumpsuit was decidedly my statement piece of my outfit. I love the flare at the end of these and would recommend jumpsuits for everyone, as they are comfortable, and add a chic look to any outfit.

You can purchase my outfit here:

  1. Silence + Noise Jackson Strapless Culotte Jumpsuit – Urban Outfitters ($49.99)
  2. Denim Jacket – H&M ($39.99)
  3. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox – Zappos ($49.99)


Aichan Tewahade

Color Wheel Of The Winter 2k17

Elegance is the theme for this season’s color scheme. It includes a combination of bold red, deep green (forest green), and turquoise, which is a more light-hearted color for this season. Take a step into this season’s color scheme here:

  1. Turqouise – Turquoise, a more playful color, is the light-hearted color in this season’s color wheel. It has been seen all over runways and was used in many collections this Fashion Week. It is a color that you can incorporate into your every day wardrobe and can efficiently be a daytime and/or nighttime look. The color can be used in very elegant pieces or more casual pieces.Do not be afraid to utilize this color during the holiday season, as they are many eye-catching dresses, pants, etc. in this color that very well give off a wintery-esque vibe. Brighten your wardrobe up and open your arms to world of turquoise. 2d5f4df5c97934c23f6e3659813f4a30
  2. Deep Green – Another elegant color to begin this winter season with is deep green, almost imitating a forest green. This color has also been featured in many runway shows this season, and it is an intriguing color. While it is a little more subtle than the other colors, it is still an eyecatching color. It tends to pair well with all sorts of skin tones, and reflects a color of elegance and class. Olive green generally dictated the last winter’s green hue color palette, and this season, the fashion industry went the complete opposite direction with their green hue of the season. I find this color very tasteful and one of the most opulent colors to play with this season. I am very excited to invest in some deep green, and not to mention, these deep green hues will be great for Saint Patrick’s Day, if you want to reuse the color.
    deep green
  3. Red – Make a powerful statement this season with a bold red. While deep mahogany reds were usually the red hue of choice during the winter and fall, the fashion industry has gravitated towards a bold, basic red hue to make a bold statement this holiday season. this color is literally empowering! The great thing about this elegant color is that you will never feel like you are not the talk of the room – it’s a eyecatching color. It has been featured all over runways this season and is great for the holiday season, as well. It is a very powerful statement you will be making stepping into the color of red. This season is all about making a classy statement, with these bold colors.
    fjksfashionStreetwalkers have even picked up on this empowering trend. Check out the image below of a casual streetwalker, showing off her red in this statement, yet casual outfit.

Do not be afraid to mix and match these color palettes, either – especially, if you are trying to make an extra bold statement this season. The great thing about this season’s trends are that it all about color, prints, and experimenting with these trends all together. Many of the designers displayed these colors as a monochromatic look, which is a eyecatching way to utilize these color schemes. If you are trying to make a statement, for sure try a monochromatic look, experimenting with different hues of that color.

What are your favorite colors for this winter season?

Give it a go!


Aichan Tewahade

Got Print?

Get acquainted with your prints this winter, as printed attire has made a major comeback this season. While most prints are flooding the fashion industry, there are a handful of prominent prints you should try this winter to make a statement. Why let the cold weather stop you from making a statement? Be bold. Be fun. And, most importantly experiment with prints this season.

Some of the most popular prints to experiment with this season include:

  1. Stripes – Stripes and pinstripes are a great way to make a statement this winter. Stripes first originated in the 1800s, and was usually associated with prison outfits in the 1800s. According to UMd.studio, the striped clothing was something worn by outcasts, such as prostitutes, inmates, and crippled individuals, and those who wore stripes were demeaned by society. This ideology has progressed in the fashion industry, as stripes are now not worn by those considered outcasts, but by regular fashion-forward streetwalkers. This trend has been spotted on high-fashion runway shows and has become a prominent, and very popular pattern to be caught wearing. fall_winter_2016_2017_print_trends_stripes
    While black-and-white striped pants are currently my jam, you can find stripes in just about any article of clothing, including pants, blouses, tops, etc. Darker colored striped pieces are currently more popular than bright-colored striped pieces, do not be afraid to experiment with your color palette. Similarly, striped clothing are being displayed and retailed in many different colors, giving a whole variety of color spectrums to choose from. Whether you choose horizontal striped attire or vertically striped attire, you will not be looked at as an outcast or demeaned by this print. It’s quite empowering, actually! The trend is quite flattering, especially in darker colors. It does not look like this trend will be leaving the runways or retailers very soon. Models, such as Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne and Gigi Hadid have been spotted working this trend out to the core. Jenner, in particular, seems to be a big fan of this trend, especially striped pants, so hop on board.
  2. Gingham – Gingham, a pattern similar to plaid, is a grungier, patterned print that makes a statement in the wake of the 90s spirit. Gingham is a vintage trend that surprisingly made a comeback this season. This trend was originally developed in India and Indonesia, but was most prominently worn during World War II. Retro and vintage trends are popular this year and gingham is a great way to channel that. Whether you find your gingham fix with a pair of pants, pantsuits, coats and dresses, this is a worldwide trend you cannot pass up. This trend appeared on runways in Milan, Paris, New York, and London, and even Elle Japan recommended this trend, stating that they were very excited about this up-and-coming trend. In fact, this last season of Project Runway, the winner won with a gingham t-shirt dress. Do not pass up this trend!
  3. Polka Dots – Polka dots are quite playful, especially for the winter season. While winter is categorized with darker and less playful trends, experimenting with polka dots this season is a great way to catch a person’s eye. While the polka dot trend is not one that caters to everyone’s taste, it is a great trend to play with this winter if you are feeling a little bold. The runways this season were flooding with polka dots, hinting that maybe we should give it a go as well. Smaller polka dots are great for those who are feeling a little hesistant about rocking some attire with large polka dots. Since patterns are in this winter, it is a great excuse to play with the already playful trend.
  4. Sequins/Sparkles – Sequins and sparkles are great for the holiday season, specifically during the New Years and Christmas times. Specifically, gold and silver sequined and/or sparkled clothing is a definite must this season. Similar to the other patterned trends, sequins and sparkles were all over the runway this season, as well. Sequins and sparkles are quite playful, but can channel a classy, chic vibe, if paired correctly. Once again, this is a great trend to rock especially during the holidays. Do not be afraid to experiment with this beyond the holiday season, as it is a fun and festive way to sparkle into this season.glitter
  5. Galaxy – Enchanting and futuristic pieces are making comeback this season, as well. There were many bold galaxy printed pieces on runways this season, as high-fashion hopped on this trend very quickly, incorporating them into their collections. While galaxy prints can seem “way out of this world,” or something of a totally different universe, the print can actually come across as very chic, simplistic, and beautiful, especially when the right colors are utilized within the piece. Valentino’s pre-fall 2015 collection did a great job showing off how to carefully pull off this print, displaying a collection of pieces utilizing galaxy printed clothes. Who knew that stars and moons could end up looking so elegant? Clearly, the print speaks for itself, and while this trend may not cater to everyone, this is a great, fun trend for you to try this season, as it is definitely not a boring trend.galaxxxy
    Valentino Pre-Fall Collection 2015
    Valentino Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

    Valentino Pre-Fall 2015 Collection
  6. Leopard/Jaguar – Talk about making a comeback, animal prints are currently make a splash in the fashion industry. Now, we have an excuse to whip out our favorite leopard or jaguar print attire for reasons other than for Halloween. These two animal prints are definitely two of the easiest to pull off this season, as the jaguar print is black-and-white and leopard print has been around for a while. Society, for a while, deemed animal print as trashy, but the fashion industry has found a way to incorporate this trend in a way that is presentable, yet fun.

There is definitely no shortage of boring prints to experiment with this season. This season is all about #gettingprinted, so hop aboard the printed train. This is a great time to practice pairing prints with one another, or simply just experimenting with these bold patterns that are currently taking over the fashion world.


Aichan Tewahade



Fall is coming in HOT, and in order to stay hot and/or warm, incorporating some fur and fall-like trends are very important this season. With this outfit, I incorporated some of my favorite fall/winter trends, all while trying to stay warm, during this transition of seasons. I utilized one statement jacket and balanced the rest of the outfit out with neutral colored pieces that I enjoyed. Fur, or faux fur, fuzzy jackets are not only a way to make a statement this season, but stay especially warm. I kept the jacket a semi-neutral color, in order not to overwhelm my entire outfit. I paired this furry jacket with a pair of black high-waisted jeans, a cream, cable knit sweater, a Brixton Fiddler Fisherman hat, and a black scarf.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_3739IMG_3750IMG_3724IMG_3732IMG_3746

You can find my outfit here below:

  1. Audrey 3+1 Killin’ Me Softly Rust Faux Fur Jacket ($78.00)  – Tobi
  2. Cropped Cable Knit Jumper ($65.00) – TOPSHOP
  3. Roller High-Rise Cropped Skinny Jeans ($68.00) – Free People
  4. Tie-Back Over-The-Knee Boots ($44.99) – Charlotte Russe
  5. Unisex Circle Scarf OS Black (SOLD OUT!) – American Apparel
  6. Brixton Fiddler Fisherman Hat ($42.00) – Urban Outfitters

Fall is a great time to experiment with jackets, boots, sweaters, and fall/winter accessories – do not forget to try these new trends! Most of these items are easily purchased on many retailer sites and stores, so these pieces are all very accessible.

Embrace the colder temperatures!


Aichan Tewahade

8 Fall Fashion “Must-Have’s”

Fall fashion “must have’s” focuses on layering and transitioning to winter weather, unless you live in a significantly warm climate year round. This season is focuses on the adaption of summer fashion, while incorporating aspects of winter fashion. The color scheme this season is generally neutral, including nude tones, deep tones, and black.

  1. Fur Coats – The recent growing trend of fur jackets and coats has taken over the fashion industry. Not only do they keep you truly warm, they serve as a great statement piece for outfits. They are also a fun alternative to basic jackets. Whether you like them cropped or long, they add a cool aspect to one’s outfit. Up until recently, statement fur jackets were seen as a clothing piece mostly worn by celebrities and high-status individuals, as fur coats can be seen as overwhelming. While it has been a trend utilized by high-status individuals, now it has begun penetrating streetwear trends.

    fuzzFur coats are also easily transitionable from daytime to nighttime, making them a resourceful article to acquire. While the look may seem bold, retailers also offer more tamed versions of fur coats. Popular colors I recommend, include, black, white, tan, and baby pink. This is a great way to make a bold statement, while simutaneously staying warm.

  2. Sweaters – When the weather gets colder, summer attire will not suffice to keep you warm. Sweaters are an obvious essential, whether you like them oversized, vintage, or even cropped. It is obvious that sweaters will naturally keep you warm, but do not underestimate the different styles of sweaters, as they seroiusly cater to all consumers. Similarly, the market offers basic sweaters, in every color of the spectrum, as well as more fun, or creative sweaters, that include a unique feature, separating them from traditional sweaters. In addition, sweater dresses are a fun, lazy way to look chic. Not only do you keep yourself warm, but are a simple way to appear chic. In my opinion, you should invest in one men’s sweater, as they are generally warmer. Whether you are looking for turtlenecks, mocknecks, cashmere, knitted, or cable-knit sweaters, there is definitely no shortage of variety with sweaters.
  3. Cardigans – Clearly, an essential piece to every fall wardrobe. Cardigans serve as a great layering piece and also keep you warm. Invest in some high-quality cardigans that actually keep you warm, as you transition to colder weather. Similarly, cardigans are offered in different colors, different materials, and different styles. Personally, I mostly invest in grandpa-like, oversized cardigans. Even better, cardigans can project a casual vibe, depending on what style of cardigan you buy. And, most importantly, cardigans keep you warmer during the fall.
  4. Denim – Denim falls under two categories: denim jackets and jeans (bottoms).
    • Denim Jackets – These are essential for any wardrobe, whatever season it is. Whether you have a grungier style, in which you enjoy distressing, there is a market for that. In addition, classic styles of vintage denim jackets produced by companies such as Levi’s are also a big trend. Denim has always been a prominent and essential aspect of the fashion industry since ‘nam. Denim jackets have adapted, often incorporating textural additions, to make each denim piece unique. While classic blue is one of the most popular colors of denim jackets that are purchased, they come in many different colors, including black, which is my personal favorite. Similarly, in order to stay on trend for this season and with the rise of popularity of floral prints, denim jackets have begun incorporating embroidered denim jackets, which serves as a great alternative to a classic denim jacket. Finally, they are also a great layering piece, which is important for the fall season.
    • Jeans are essential for all seasons and a essential to everyone’s wardrobe. Recently, many styles of jeans have begun to bombard the market.
      • Embroidered Floral Jeans – This incorporates the trend listed below, as floral embroidering in jeans have become such a popular trend. Embroided floral jeans are a fun, alternative to basic pairs of denim that may be considered basic, or even boring. If you want to add some flair to your denim collection, try to invest in a pair of embroided floral jeans.
      • High-waisted jeans – I am a little biased, as I am a firm believer of high-waisted EVERYTHING. High-waisted jeans are a perfect for all seasons, in my opinion, and have become a very relevant trend this year in the fashion industry. Often, high-waisted jeans are paired with a croptop, and as you transition into the colder weather, you can still pair with items that are cropped, including jackets, sweaters, etc.

      • Boyfriend Jeans – OF COURSE. We all love jeans that are comfortable and jeans that are also comfortable. While this can be considered a boyish trend, they are a great piece to acquire. Boyfriend jeans are even better than actually having a boyfriend, and the boyfriend’s of all jeans. Boyfriend jeans tend to be baggy and less form-fitting, and usually are high-waisted. They add an effortless look to your outfit and can be paired with a variety of outfits.
      • Girlfriend Jeans – Girlfriend jeans are similar to boyfriend jeans, and offer comfort. Girlfriend jeans are less looser and more form-fitting than boyfriend jeans. According to denimology.com, girlfriend jeans are “tighter and higher on the hip, with a tapered slim straight leg. It offers a more flattering shape” (Geller). In addition denimology, girlfriend jeans tend to be “slim fit throughout the legs, tight fit on the hips, but with some slouch through the legs” (Geller).
      • Distressed Jeans – Distressed articles have not lost their presence in the fashion industry. Distressed jeans are a great alternative to basic jeans, as well. You can buy distressed jeans in all sorts of styles, including high-waisted jeans, girlfriend and boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, etc. Distressing gives an outfit an edgy feel, whether you choose to invest in a pair that is extremely distressed or a pair that features little, subtle distressing.
      • Frayed Hem Jeans – While this is still a new and upcoming trend, frayed hem jeans are just another variation of your classic pair of jeans that adds an element to your denim that makes it unique. The fray at the hem of the denim can either be extremely frayed or very sublte, in a way that caters to a variety of different styles. Usually, frayed hem jeans look the best when they are slightly cropped, leaving a bit of your ankles revealed.
  5. Floral – The incorporation and rise of the floral trend has blown up everywhere. Floral is becoming incorporated in leather jackets, jackets in general, tops, jeans, boots, etc. Floral is one of the biggest trends this season and something that you should invest in. Do not worry, while floral seems like a girlier trend, it caters for all sorts of styles. You can find truly girly pieces, grungey pieces, or even fashion-forward pieces that incorporate the floral trend. The biggest trends these past seasons have incorporated sportswear, and in order to create a market that was not centered around sportswear and sneakers, retailers decided to incorporate floral to balance out the current trends this season.
  6. Camo – Camo print has become a very relevant trend for all seasons, especially in the market of young adults, catering to both male and females. Originally, camo originated from the Army and mostly associated as a male trend. Recently, camo made a comeback in the fashion industry, and women, and men alike, hopped on board. Camo articles of clothing are a fun, grungy print that you play with, as prints are a major trend in the fashion industry today. Camo prints can be featured on  tops, bottoms, jackets, and accessories. As we transition to a colder temperature, I would recommend investing in a camo-print jacket, to spruce up your outfit.
  7. Leather Jackets – Jackets are going to be an essential part of your wardrobe, especially during the fall and winter. Leather is chic and can spruce up any outfit, making it a fashion-forward way to look chic. The greatest aspect of leather jackets is that it can easily be transitioned from a daytime look to a nighttime look, making it a versatile trend. Leather jackets come in different types of styles, allowing you to invest or find one that caters to your needs. While black leather jackets are the most popular color for leather jackets, you can also find them in other colors. Great colors for the fall, include black, deep red (similar to mohogany), and brown.
  8. Boots
    • Over-The-Knee Boots – black over-the-knee boots have become a trend in streetwear. In fact, the tall boots that are taller than over-the-knee boots are even in season. The perks include keeping your legs warmer. Over-the-knee boots, specifically black ones, have made a comeback. These boots are an awesome alternative to basic thigh-high boots. Normally, retailers manufacture over-the-knee boots with suede, or faux fur. Not to mention, they are very chic. Over-the-knee boots are available through most retailers, such as, ASOS, Charlotte Russe, Urban Outfitters, and Peppermayo. Flat over-the-knee boots, meaning that they are not healed boots, are quite popular, however, over-the-knee boots with heals are quite popular. The variety of styles of over-the-knee boots caters to most styles and individuals, as there is quite a variety of styles to choose from. Over-the-knee boots have been used by high-fashion designers, as well as regular streetwalkers. 

    • Ankle boots – Ankle boots have always been relevant, especially during the fall, as they are not tall enough to survive a winter. To clarify, by ankle boots, I am referring to boots that cover your ankle and covers a little more of your leg. I do not mean the boots that cover only your ankles, these boots are the ones that completely cover your ankles. These are an awesome alternative to regular ankle boots, as they play with taller, ankle boots. Streetwalkers, celebrities, and models have partaken in this trend, as these ankle boots, as they offer a different length of boot to experiment with. Both over-the-knee boots and “above-the-ankle” boots are progression of previous trends, involving basic ankle boots. A fun way to spruce up your ankle boots is by investing in floral-based ankle boots, as they add a cool, fashion-forward element to your shoe collection. In addition, these boots can be worn during a night-out, or simply incorporated in a daytime look, making it a versatile trend. You do not want to miss out on this trend. Retailers have jumped on board, as I just recently bought a pair of floral heeled ankle boots from Target. Retailers everywhere have so many variations of the heeled ankle boots, it caters to most styles and people’s interests.

As the leaves begin to fall, essentially becoming naked, humans go from essentially being naked to layering up.


Aichan Tewahade