Gallery | Totally Pawsome Dogs

There is no better way to be welcomed back from a leave of absence, such as vacation, with wagging tails, wiggling hips, and jumping dogs that cannot seem to contain their excitement about your return.

My vacation occurred over the course of 13 days, which meant that I was apart from my four-legged buddies for an extensive period of time. It did not actually feel like 13 days. In fact, it felt much shorter than 13 days.

I thought about my four-legged friends often during my vacation, as I found myself missing them, and wondering if they were thinking about me while they were getting pet and receiving love from people other than me.
This sounds ridiculous, but it is only natural for animals to miss their friends, regardless if they are a human, or a dog.
I wondered that within the time that I was away on vacation if they were going to forget about me, or if they would not like me as much as they did before I left on vacation, or if they had plans to replace me. I also wondered how they were holding up.
It is truly unforunate that dogs do not have the ability to use iPhones, otherwise I would have been Facetiming them the entire vacation.

While I was well aware that my first day back was going to be fine, I was a little anxious and a little nervous to see the way that the dogs reacted to my return. I wondered if they were even going to remember me, or if they resented me. I also wondered if they would be excited to see me, or if they would be completely unamused.
It took me a little bit to get back into the groove of things and realize that everything was exactly the way I left it, and my best friends were still my best friends.

My welcome back was more than I imagined it would be, and then some. All my best friends exuded extra excitement, as they all jumped over eachother, causing chaos, just to greet me. The amount of wagging tails, full-blown smiles, and jumping bodies warmed my soul and reminded me why I enjoy what I do so much.
They had missed me just as much as I had missed them; maybe even more!
My heart and soul were full.
There is truly no better welcome than a group of 62 eager, cheerful, and sweet dogs, who appreciate your existence more than you even know.
Even the dogs that I did not think would even be ecstatic to see me were over the moon about my return, which caught me off-guard and truly made me so happy.
These dogs that I did not realize appreciated my presence, despite assuming that I had developed a strong, or memorable, relationship with them, humbled me by exuding such excitement and raw joy to me.
“I barely even pet it [the dog] that much. I do not know why it [the dog] even likes me, because I do not even think that we are even that good of friends,” I thought to myself.
I decided to embrace their love, their appreciation, and their joy!
These furry friends reminded me how incredible and how simply good “man’s best friends” are; they truly appreciate every person and every good thing that comes their way. They are truly so simple and so affectionate!
I was gently reminded how important it is to treat these kind, gentle creatures with the utmost kindness, respect, and love that I can conjure up every day, in an attempt to repay these angelic creatures for the love and the happiness they bring onto the Earth.
I have made it a priority to truly attempt to spend time with as many of these dogs, forming relationships and showering them with love, because they truly do deserve it.
Every dog is truly a gift and blessing wrapped into one – it is important to actively acknowledge this and act upon appreciating this blessing!

Reconnecting with my furry friends has been exciting and wonderful, as I truly did miss seeing them on a daily basis and being surrounded completely by “man’s best friends.” I forgot how much purpose, joy, and perspective these wonderful friends of mine give me and continue to give me.

Each dog has their own unique personality, and getting to spend more quality one-on-one time with each seperate dog allows me to connect and to create a unique friendship and relationship with each furry friend that I come across.
Catching up and reminicsing with as many of my goodest friends continues to be a treat, and a unique and personal experience that I never get sick of.

Their company brings me so much happiness and so much humor, as time spent with my best friends is never dull.
Watching them in action, attempting to navigate their dog social world, is one of the most entertaining things to witness and to experience.

Below, I have captured some of our most precious, joyful, charismatic, and affectionate dogs in their element.

Meet Walter!
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

A handsome devil, indeed.Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Meet Sallie!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

A precious gem with a gentle, kind soul! She has a great, fun, and playful personality.
She is also such a loyal girl, always sticking by your side no matter what.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
She is also great in front of the camera!
In another lifetime, she definitely got very familiar with cameras and modeling.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Meet Odie!Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThis was my first time meeting Odie, and he was such a pleasure to hang out with. He was much more of a people’s dog than a dog’s dog, if you know what I mean.
He was very affectionate and cuddly, always loving being pet.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
He knows how to work his angles. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Meet Bella!Processed with VSCO with c1 presetBella was not the biggest fan of the camera in front of her face, as you can tell. But, Bella, similar to the others, is a lover. While she generally surrounded by younger individiuals, Bella most times can be found keeping to herself. She is not mean, but she does not go out of her way to engage with dogs that are energized.
Bella is an older woman, with such a loving soul, burried under what appears at first glace as a mean, cold-shouldered individual.
She is a lover, but she is also cautious and careful with who she shares her love and affection with, just in case she could get hurt.

Meet Camdem!Processed with VSCO with c1 presetHis personality is just as big as his smile! You can almost feel his energetic, fun energy radiating from this picture. Camdem loves to love, and will love on you whether you are a human being or another dog.
He is just truly such a good sport!

Meet Rose! Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
She is sweeter than her button nose! She is always ready to have fun and loves to smile 🙂 She is such a happy camper!
#NOBADAYZ for Rose!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Meet Wyatt!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Wyatt is such a handsome, young cattle dog. He is gorgeous and visually stimulating to the eye, because his coat is so unique.
Wyatt is truly unique, with a one-of-a-kind personality.
He mostly keeps to himself, though he is quite friendly and polite to most, but since investing more time hanging out with him, I have been able to witness his true colors come through.
Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Meet Olive!Processed with VSCO with c1 presetHer beautiful and unique look are not only the captivating things about Olive.
Her loving, yet high-energy personality is another captivating thing about Olive.
While her size might make you think that Olive may be a delicate creature, Olive is one of the big boys and can hold on her own, which is one of my favorite things about Olive.
She is not afraid to brake some behavioral rules, in order to show you how much she loves you. If it means, climbing onto your back and licking the back of your head in order to show you how much she loves you, she is willing to go that extra mile. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Meet Scout! Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Scout is fairly new to doggy day care, but I immediately took a liking into Scout. While he is still learning right from wrong, and socially acceptable behaviors and socially unacceptable behaviors, his soul is so precious and innocent.
Scout is very selective with the dogs that he wants to spend his time playing with, which is not a bad thing, except when the dog just does not want to play with him.
For a puppy, he is very determined and tends to think that he knows what he wants.
His fun, light-hearted energy is great to have around and experience.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
He has such an unique look and such a unique personality!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Meet Bowie! Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
A sweetheart and handsome fellow all wrapped into one. Bowie just wants to be loved, and while he may look intimidating, or otherwise mean, Bowie is the furthest thing from intimidating, or mean. In fact, Bowie is the quickest to run for help when he senses danger, or a dog plays too hard with him, or a dog snaps at him.
The sweetest labrador and pitbull mix ever placed on this Earth is Bowie.
Though he weighs more than your average lap dog, Bowie is still committed to being a full-time lap dog.

Meet Nitro!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My sweet-loving, adventure-seeking Nitro warms my soul and my spirit! He can literally light up your world with his playful energy, which is naturally contagious. He is so fun and always down to get a little down and dirty. Nitro loves playing with everyone, and gets along with all! He would never hurt and fly, let along another dog.
He loves to adventure and is definitely a thrill seeker!
Nitro also gives the best hugs, as he always runs up to me and wraps his arms around my hips with the best of his ability.
His loyalty and general excitement for life is incredible! He always makes the best out of all situations, and is non-stop fun!

Meet Jerry!
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Jerry is a derpy boy, who is always causing mischief on accident. His intentions are never to do anything wrong or apply any harm, but sometimes his fun-nature gets him in trouble.
Jerry LOVES to have fun and is willing to push the boundaries to have some fun. He loves getting others involved, and generally, loves to get himself in a little bit of trouble. He truly cannot help it!
But, his genuinely purely gold and loving nature contrats his semi-outrageous side, and balances his personality out. His outrageous side is awesome to witness, because he truly does know how to get the party going.

Meet Mac!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Mac is a hard one to figure out, let along pet. At first glance, Mac seems a little rude and standoff-ish, as he always seems to be running his mouth.
But, he is quite anxious, deep down, and he also is such a sweetheart, once you dedicate enough time towards getting to know him one-on-one.
I can relate to Mac’s louder mouth, as I feel like he sometimes feels like he has to yell, or bark loudly, in order to get his point across, or even be heard. This is what I call the case of “small person’s syndome,” where you attempt to make up for your size with bigger and louder everything, including bigger and louder voices, bigger and louder barks, bigger and louder personalities, etc.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

One of the best homecoming gifts was the opportunity to reunite with Auggie, my husband, my everything, and one of my most favorite dogs.
His smile melts my heart…Not to mention, he is gorgeous!
After weeks of being apart, our reunion was much needed and I spent my entire shift suffocating and spoiling him with so much love, pets, and cuddles.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Piper was another one of the greater homecoming gifts that I was able to come back to. Piper was the first dog that I bonded with, and essentially deemed “one of my favorites.” Her soul, her spirit, her energy, and her personality are so pure and full of genuine love, happiness, and affection.
Reuniting with Piper is always such a treat. She loves showing how affectionate she is by licking your face until my face begins to hurt from her tongue, by jumping for joy whenever you are near, or even far, following you wherever you go, smiling and wiggling her hips just out of pure excitement to see me, cuddling with me, and sitting on my lap.
She is such a gentle soul, with such excitement, love, and affection within her! I am truly lucky to have such a gal pal like her, who radiates such love and joy for me.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

These smiling faces and amazing souls have brought so much good and positivity in my life. Beyond this, they have all made a large imprint in my life, as they have become more to me than just dogs. They are truly my friends!

How lucky I am to keep such great and good-looking company!


Aichan Tewahade

Frolicking In Nature

Follow my hike from start to finish visually with the photographs below, that are chronologically organized so that you can experience my hike with me just as I did.
You will never miss a step with this chronological gallery that footprints my hike.

Today, rather than hiking the trail that I normally hike, I hesistantly, yet willingly decided to hike a different trail that I had hiked twice before.
The trail I hiked was named the Royal Arch Trail, which is located within Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado.

It had been a while since I hiked individually.
Since it had been a while since what I consider my last “REAL HIKE,” I decided that if I chose to hike a new trail that it could be exciting and an adventure.
In addition to the exciting element of hiking an unfamiliar trail, I also was aware about the level of difficulty of the hike, which I would consider much more difficult and lengthy than the hike I generally go on.

I fell off the wagon during the Winter, as I found myself making excuses to talk myself out of hiking. The longer that I avoided hiking, the harder it became to start hiking again regularly. Similarly, since I truly enjoy hiking as more than a form of exercise and a hobby, I found myself more anxious and irritable, as a result of my lack of execution.

The Royal Arch trail was about 3 miles long one-way, so the entire hike, both ways, comes out to be a total of around six miles.
Most of the way up to the top was an extreme incline, with very tall rock stairs, making it a very intensive cardio workout. This was exactly what I was looking for!
It was not easy to say the least, but I truly enjoyed it.

Follow me through my hiking excursion below:

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Here are some more moments that I captured with a disposable film camera!


One hiker that came across me on my way down began conversating with me and proceeded to ask if I was from Boulder, Colorado.
I replied, “Yes, I am born and raised here. I am a native,” in which he responds, “even after all this time in Boulder, you are still doing and still hiking the same trails! That’s incredible!”

I find solitude and happiness at Chautauqua Park, all while being able to get exercise. This is a place that I can always count on to allow me to forget my problems and to be in a state of awe by the beauty that is within and around Chautauqua Park.
Though there is usually a surplus of hikers on the trail, Chautauqua Park is a perfect escape for me to run away, literally and figuratively, from people and continue to nourish and flourish my relationship with Mother Nature.

Within the park, you can find so many hidden gems of beauty tucked within an already beautiful area.
It is hard to believe that something that already is so beautiful contains even more beauty within itself.

You will never be disappointed with the views on any of your hikes at Chautauqua Park, but instead, you may find yourself disappointed that you never proceeded to appreciate all the glory that is Chautauqua Park.

What is your favorite place to find solitude and happiness?

Find your escape within your paradise, so you always have a place to run away from your problems, forget your worries, and clear your head.


Aichan Tewahade

Trippin’ Road

Monday, June 25, 2018, marks the first day of a very eventful and highly anticipated road trip. I will be making the journey from Boulder, Colorado to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with one of my dearest friends, Bria Schlossmann.

While our main mission is to drive her Jeep back to Milwaukee, we decided to use it as an excuse to spend time together, adventure, and finally execute a trip that we had always entertained for five years. This year it finally became a reality!

Bria is from Wisconsin, however, I am a Boulder native, who has left the Boulder bubble, but not enough. I figured if I could figure out arraignments for my obligations that I could experience the world just a little more. The world contains so many magical, all natural gifts and treasures that are begging to be recognized, admired, uncovered, and shared.

Our first day was quite eventful, as we crossed the Colorado border into Nebraska.

We also made a pit stop at Fort Morgan, Colorado. Fort Morgan is a fairly small farm town and it seemed fairly traditional! There is something about those small towns that are charming, because they contain their own local gems that give the town a personality.

Of course, as we were leaving Colorado and entering Nebraska, we could not help but grab a picture at the “Welcome to Colorful Colorado.” This ended up being a little more of an obstacle for us, as I forced Bria to get off at the nearest exit and go in the opposite direction that we were supposed to be driving in JUST TO GET THIS PICTURE.

We did not skip a beat, proceeding to grab pictures at the “Welcome to Nebraska” sign, just because we can.

Staring at endless fields of corn, wheat, grass, etc. has always been fairly soothing for me to look at. Man, these fields sure do make the Earth seem like it could possibly be flat, but only part-time. The landscape is beautiful in its own unique way, and truly depends on perspective. Colorado and Nebraska had a surplus of endless fields, and luckily these fields looked far from dry, but very green and lush! This made me very happy and grateful for the rain that our nation has been receiving.

The sky was what was up!! The clouds were so breathtaking to look at, as they seemed to be just as endless as the fields, as you could see them for miles. The clouds also seemed friendlier than usual, appearing to hang lower and closer to the ground than normal. The sky was captivating to be around

On our second day, we made our way through Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and finally made it to Wisconsin.

The entire time we found ourselves chasing a storm, and at some points, the rain was so heavy that we could not see the roads.

I saw lots of wind farms….


and lots of beauty!

I also found a new appreciation for the sky and the clouds.

My two day road trip excursion was extremely exciting, full of laughs, good memories, and good conversation.

My vacation is only beginning, however. I will be spending some time with Bria and her family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as Elk Point, Wisconsin. I am looking forward to be spending time with them, and exploring Wisconsin in all of its’ glory.

What Summer trips do you have planned?

Drive safe, but trip road often!!


Aichan Tewahade

Gallery | The Ruff Life

The ruff life is not the life for me, or these beautiful dogs. That is something that we can both agree on!

This last week at work was one that was especially rewarding and full of love, happiness and joy. For those who may not know, I work at a doggy day care and boarding facility that can sometimes be holding over 160 dogs within the facility.

This facility and career opportunity allows me to interact and come in contact with 300+ dogs in and around the area! To say that I have met a lot of dogs is an understatement – sometimes, I think I may have more dog friends than human friends.

For some reason, I am totally okay with this. I may as well be friends with as many of “man’s best friends” as possible, as they are exceptional company and great entertainment.

Their companionship is something that is like none other, because their love is unconditional. The things they do to get your attention, receive love from you, or even receive praise from you is condemnable, as they go to great lengths to show off to you how far they are willing to go to be friends with you. Their friendship and companionship is also lifelong, no matter what. At this point, marrying another human being sounds quite unappealing, as human beings just cannot be compared to dogs and human beings just cannot fulfill other human beings’ needs, especially in the love and affection department, like a dog can.

Their smiles and unique faces, along with their facial expressions, are unbeatable, and better than humans. Perhaps it is because of my job, but I find observing dogs facial expressions quite often and their faces speak louder than their barks sometimes. Since we are unable to communicate via language, one way to communicate with them is by observing their facial expressions and reactions, in order to figure out what they may be attempting to convey to you.

This week at Camp Bow Wow Boulder was extremely special for me, as I mentioned above.

For the first time in one month and three weeks, I was able to reunite with one of my favorite dogs, August West, as he came into Camp Bow Wow for a full-day of day care. Auggie, or August West, is the dog who I consider to be my lifelong boyfriend, husband, etc. He is four years old, and is a German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd mix. This combination of dog breeds resulted in the magical, beautiful, handsome, majestic, and always smiling Auggie, whose fur coat is more beautiful than some of the fur you see on fur coats on runway shows at New York Fashion Week. He is very impressive!

While his beauty cannot be ignored and is clearly undeniable, I also am a sucker for his personality, which many would describe as an acquired taste. August and I have a truly strong bond that cannot be broken, and he is truly loyal to me. His personality lights up my world, or my dog yard, because of his unique and sassy personality. While many have not seen Auggie when he’s truly in his element and feeling good, I have had the chance to do so! And, man, Auggie is funny and playful! His sassy side comes out a lot, as he is not the biggest fan of other dogs, especially other dogs who violate his personal bubble space.

Auggie and I are much more similar than most people expect, or even realize. I can relate to Auggie’s need to want to be left alone by others, as I often enjoy spending time alone being undisturbed. Disruption results in a salty reaction from me, as well. In addition, Auggie is hesitant to form friendships and relationships with just anyone, which is something that I find in myself. Auggie correlates to my introverted, more guarded side, as I protect my heart very closely. Similarly, Auggie’s insatiable need to constantly nap, in order to prevent his outbreaks, and irritation, is something that I can truly relate to. Naps are necessary in order to maintain a level head, and to stay beautiful.

August West, will you take my hand in marriage?

Nordy Knapp, the lankiest fellow that you will ever come across, is my other favorite dog. He is still a puppy and just turned one! Nordy has looks to make any dog drop their bone. While his rather slim figure may give people the wrong impression that he is delicate, Nordy is far from delicate. He does not steer very far from me, which I love, and he is excellent at showing me how much he loves me!

Nordy is my son, hypothetically. But, I see a lot of myself in Nordy, as he is rather rumbonxious, anxious, always barking (or talking), and a little bit all over the place. Nordy is always trying to have a good time and play, even when he is tired and no one wants to play.

Nordy and I act on our anxiety in similar ways, and because of our surplus of energy and our short attention spans, we both are all over the place. It may be hard to stand us from time to time, as trying to keep up with either of us may seem more like a chore than anything.

Nordy and I’s biggest downfall is our curiosity, as it often gets us in the most trouble. Neither of us ever intend to get in trouble or cause a disturbance, however, this tends to result from our curiosity.

Nordy and Auggie are dogs that resemble different aspects of my personality. I see myself, and my personality traits, within them. Our similarities bring us together, no matter how unique. Having common personality traits with anyone, or any animal, allow you to understand and react with compassion, empathy, and patience towards that person, or that animal, that any other person may not have. This only creates a stronger bond and a greater relationship that will guarantee rock your world.

Who is your soulmate and your best friend?

Spend time with more people who celebrate you in all your existence. Appreciate them and uplift them.

Witnessing a dog reenacting your reactions, whether it be a good one, a bad one, a regular one, or a rare one, also serves as a benefit, because it is not every day that you are able to watch a version of yourself living life and reacting to life right in front of you. It really allows you to truly reflect on yourself, and hopefully form opinions about ways you could either improve, keep, or eliminate personality or behavioral traits or reactions that you may find appealing, or unappealing.

Keep good company – always. Learn from your good company.


Aichan Tewahade

Woof, Woof!

Dogs, dogs, dogs…it seems like dogs are the only things I talk about these days! But, in my eyes, better than talking about other people, especially negatively.

My facisnation for these creatures grow, as I continue to immerse my life in dogs to the fullest degree.

Life at Boulder’s Camp Bow Wow has been semi-chaotic, as I often forget that just like every other institution, or business, there are aspects to the job that are completely dysfunctional. Unfortunately, the chaos behind closed doors has begun seeping into the dog yards, creating even more chaos and dysfunction than usual.

The chaos, stress, emotions, anger, frustration, etc., have been picked up by the 130+ dogs that our company takes care of. Dogs are very sensitive creatures and smarter than they appear, and they continue to amaze me, by showing me time-and-time again how sensitive and delicate they are.

As a result of this tension and semi-chaotic time, the dogs, who rely on us humans to provide them love, happiness, and health, are finding themselves lost in the chaos, stress, anxiety, anger, etc., and reacting to our lack of presence, both mentally, physically, and emotionally, in the dog yard, by falling into aggressive, chaotic, and stressed out behaviors, as a result of our mood. Our moods, energy and intentions all carry over into the dog yards, and the dogs are the ones that can sense it the most.

While I take pride in being present and mindful when I am on the clock, I have found myself distracted, stressed, frustrated, and vulnerable in the dog yards, rather than excited, calm, patient, and loving. Instead of leaving the baggage at the door, I have allowed it to affect my work and my job duties, as this job truly requires individuals to be present, to be aware, and to be mindful. Laziness is just not an option in this job!

Many dog fights have occurred, especially more frequently during this time of change and chaos, and a handful of these altercations have occurred in my own dog yards. While many of the fights were easily broken up, with little injuries, I recently experienced a semi-severe dog fight, which resulted in a dog bleeding from the injuries of the dog fight.

These incidents do not feel good, as controlling your dog yards is the main duty that my job requires. Similarly, dogs, just like humans, do not like fighting each other, or getting in altercations. In addition, being apart of a dog fight can truly traumatize a dog, resulting in behavioral changes in even the most friendliest of dogs.

This last week one of my favorite dogs, Nitro, was attacked by a much larger dog, who often struggled with engaging in aggressive behavior at day care. While Lilu, the other dog, is not really a bad or aggressive dog in general, day care for many, if not all these dogs, is extremely stressful. When dogs are thrown into very stressful and very stimulated situations, their reactions truly differ and it is truly difficult to predict when a dog may snap.

Nitro is one of our best dogs (at least, he is in my mind). In addition, Nitro is one of the only dogs that truly loves doggy day care, does not engage in any aggressive behavior, plays extremely well with other dogs, brings an amazing energy to day care, and gets along with a variety of dogs. He is one of the sweetest dogs to both humans and to dogs! Nitro is just one of those dogs that you WANT in your dog yard, as he does not do any wrong. This dog fight came from nowhere, and left Nitro very shaken, as I was informed that post-fight he was shaking.
The day after the dog fight, Nitro attended daycare, and while I did notice some very subtle behavioral changes, I did not think much of it. As the day began to progress and the dog yards slowly began to grow in number, I slowly began witnessing Nitro engaging in protective and semi-aggressive behavior when other dogs got too close to him, or acted too abruptly around him. Nitro never barked at other dogs and Nitro also never isolated himself from the other dogs in the dog yard. All these small behavioral changes became more exasperated with the growing number of dogs in my dog yard. These behavioral changes are reactions that Nitro naturally developed after experiencing a traumatic event with another dog, and it was made very clear to me that Nitro seriously needed some love on Friday and some extra attention. A dog that was once carefree, worry-free, so friendly, and full of love, fun, and charismatic energy now has become a guarded, full of worries, and is now very easily triggered by other dogs that may get too close to him, or behave in any ways that he associates with the dog fight. I almost did not recognize the dog that was in my dog yard on Friday, as it was very evident that this dog fight truly took a toll on him.

These last few shifts at work have truly been eye-opening for me, as I truly realize the damage that can unfold before my eyes if I am not present, in a good mindset, and ready to love all 130+ dogs that I am responsible of taking care of. My bad attitude, my lack of patience, my inability to bring a good energy into the yards, and my ability to show compassion, love, etc., puts the lives, as well as the livelihood of these precious dogs, in jeopardy, which is not what my job duties ask me to do. Similarly, it is extremely important that when I am in one of our six dog yards that I continue to utilize my knowledge of the dogs in my dog yard, and the dogs in the other dog yards, to make calculated and smart decisions about trading dogs from other dog yards, knowing when to put a dog in time-out, etc., in order to keep my dog yard calm, cool, collected, happy, and healthy.

One aspect about this job that I often forget is the general importance of truly getting to know all the dogs that come into our daycare. I definitely know about 400+ dogs in around the Boulder County area, however, I have formed strong relationships with only about a quarter of the dogs that attend our daycare. While I may have general knowledge about the other dogs, I have yet to form a true relationship, based on trust, time spent together, and comfortability, with every single dog that attends our daycare. I would idealistically love to have a strong, unique, and inpenetrable relationship with every single dog that has ever attended Camp Bow Wow Boulder EVER. That would be incredible!

While I am still working on getting to know every single four-legged freak, the number of strong, unique bonds with the dogs of Camp Bow Wow Boulder has only increased with every month that I continue to work there. Sometimes, you do not even realize how excited some dogs get to see you. Sometimes, you may even wonder why a dog even gets that excited to see you, because you did not think, or even recall, becoming friends with particular dogs.

These last few shifts I have also found myself spending an excessive amount of time with the smaller dogs that attend our doggy day care. While the majority of my time spent at work I am interacting and taking care of the needs of the bigger dogs, I have found myself spending more time with them than usual, both because I did not have a choice and because I wanted to. Many of the big dogs that attend daycare are there for reasons, such as to be socialized, to get exercise, or to have an outlet to get their energy out. The small dogs that attend daycare are generally there to be coddled, loved, and spoiled, as many of the smaller dogs are definitively companion dogs that are meant to be cuddled with. It is important to spend time with these dogs, as I find that loving them, showing them affection, and suffocating them with love is extremely therapeutic. Instead of spending time worrying about whether or not a dog is going to end up hurting another dog, or if two dogs are playing too aggressively, you are able to focus completely on giving love and affection with the small dogs. While the small dog yard can be extremely overwhelming, with 30+ dogs trying to climb into your lap to receive love, attention, and pets, these dogs are some of the easiest dogs to make connections with. I am so estatic about my new relationships and friendships with some of these smaller dogs, and genuinely enjoy spending time in the small dog yard, as the small dogs love to give and receive love, creating a loving and caring energy that continues to encompass the small dogs. Their needs are quite simple and you could end up with multiple companions just after 10 minutes of hanging around the small dog yard. While many people do not enjoy the company of small dogs, their existence and their company is so important and vital to this world. You can never ignore small dogs, because they exist and they will bark at you until you willingly, or unwillingly, acknowledge their presence. Their huge personalities and their loud barks make up for their small bodies!

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Despite the chaos that is occuring outside of the dog yards, the dogs continue to remind me that they may just very well be the only good things left in this world. The other day I found myself gazing into the eyes of a dog, reaffirming how special they were and that they were the only “good” left in this universe.
While I cannot say the same for human beings, I know for a fact that I never have to doubt a dog, as I have found myself struggling to be patient with some individuals in my life. In addition, while human beings lack consistency with their behavior, emotions, personality, and life, dogs are the definition of consistent and continue to restore faith in me that though human beings are far from consistent that they are not ALL BAD. I crave the consistency that dogs display in my life, in fact, consistency is something that every human beings deserves to experience at least once in their lives. Beyond this, the dogs have inspired me to display more consistency within my life and have learned to begin teaching me how important and beneficial consistency is! I have always been an inconsistent person, and while I am still far from perfect, I have learned that dogs, as well as people and myself, enjoy consistency, as consistency makes it easier for people, dogs, and yourself to trust yourself, for people, dogs, and yourself, to rely on yourself, and for people, dogs, and yourself to enjoy your presence and love your presence. Similarly, consistency is a quality that can bring one lots of happiness, love, and success.

These dogs consistency remind me to smile often and that you should always be proud to show off your tongue! Suns out, tongues out!

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We all have flaws, or bad weeks, or bad days, or bad moods, or bad SOMETHINGS, and this is okay and simply only naturally. Humans were created to be flawed and to make mistakes. These mistakes, or flaws, that we exhibit while only natural, are the things that create chaos, unhappiness, and inconsistency within our behavior, and we should try to help ourselves out as much as possible. I strive to grow, expand, and learn every day in life, even when things are embarrassing, difficult, tough, stressful, smooth, good, or bad. There are always things that I can improve on, in order to be the best possible version of myself and live my best life. Working on things, recognizing things, becoming aware of things, learning to navigate through your flaws, and legitimately working on these flaws, behaviors, etc. that are ugly, is much easier said than done. Learn to be patient with your personal growth and realize that NO ONE, including your idol or the prettiest girl that you know, is perfect, or even close to being perfect.

Understand that even though you may actively be engaging in self-growth and improving yourself that not every day is going to bring the results that you may be hoping for, and that even in these moments, you can very well find yourself engaging in these flawed behaviors, or you may find yourself frustrated that these changes that you have made may not have produced results that are particularly noticeable, or even produced results that you are proud of.

Be kind, expect little, but reward often!


Aichan Tewahade