OOTD – Creamy Cardigans

Another day, another outfit, am I right?

Just to make things a little more Boulder, Colorado themed, I even included the Flatirons infamously as the backdrop to my little photo shoot.

It was a fairly ordinary day, which required a fairly ordinary outfit that incorporated many basics, to create a basic, yet cute outfit.

The outfit included a t-shirt body suit, tucked into a pair of dark wash jeans. To layer over my t-shirt, I decided to throw a cream oversized cardigan, just to keep the comfy theme relevant.

An oversized cardigan is an essential in my closet, as you can pair it over so many things. Their use is so diverse.

My red Adidas Superstars were my shoe of choice. Once again, emphasizing the theme of comfort, casual and classic into my look.

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My outfit screams underwhelming to a certain extent, but the colder weather seems to bring out some of my more basic outfits. I love to keep it casual, especially when it is chillier.

This is a great outfit to throw on when you are trying to stay comfy, without looking totally socially innapprorpiate in public.

Not to mention, I was comfy.


Aichan Tewahade


OOTD – Scarf Off, You Trench (Coat)

My outfit of the day today embodied the theme of staying warm, all while wearing something somewhat functional for a hike up to the Flatiron mountains. The weather was brisk to say the least, but the sunset was spectacular.

As trench coats have become my favorite style of jacket recently, and this taupe one particularly has become a staple, it was great at keeping me warm and fashion-forward.

My red, paisley neck scarf was something I had acquired ages ago, it has become not only a staple accessory of my closet, but serves as a constant reminder of how gorgeous the scarf it is itself. The neck scarf was the pop of color that I dedicated myself to, as I kept the rest of my outfit consistent to neutral colors. While I have always been a fan of neck scarves and support this trend, I never could find the right moment to utilize the neck scarf trend, as I thought I looked strange. After my first experience, I must say that I enjoyed the experience and will be experimenting with my neck scarf in many more outfits to come. The red, paisley neck scarf truly helped bring that extra spice and color that the outfit needed, otherwise, the outfit would have been a little too bland and a little too winter-y for my taste. The striking color of the neck scarf is eye-catching and is a great color for the Spring season.

I layered my taupe, or nude, vintage trench coat over a black oversized men’s sweater. Though my trench coat and my sweater are both oversized, I made sure to make sure that I was not drowning in my clothes. Baggy fits are great, but are also something that you need to watch out for, as you may not realize how much certain articles of clothing, especially together, may appear quite unflattering on you.

My pants followed my strictly all-black dress code that I usually follow. Naturally, I quickly slipped on my black distressed jeans, which also prevented the look from appearing to bland, old, boring, basic, and outdated.

My black combat boots also followed the all-black dress code that I usually follow. were utilized on this day out, as they helped keep the look more grungy, which more carefully matches my style. Not to mention, these combat boots were not a bad idea for a hike, as snow was still lingering on the trails.

4d8aac78-d47a-461b-913b-59f4b73799d6-1f76209dc-1263-4921-bb23-83d509590768-1b4c931bd-514f-4c1a-b863-38ec8d0f9a9b-1I french braided my hair prior to hiking, as french braids not only are functional and comfortable, but very stylish. They add a boyish, grungy aspect to this outfit. French braids were important to me, as I knew that I had to plan my hair style around my neck scarf.
The solution was simple for me, in order to keep my hair away from my face and out of my neck scarf, I braided two french braids into my hair.


While the day was beautiful, as pictured, the weather was much colder than it seemed. It was a good thing that I had decided to layer up.

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My outfit is not quite as breathtaking as my backdrop, which are the Flatirons, located about 1.4 miles away from me. This winter, spring, summer and fall all have so many fun, experimental, out-of-the-ordinary trends that I am very excited to begin incorporating into my outfits.

As you begin transitioning back into the warmer weather, what are some of your favorite trends that you have been rocking recently?


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD – Velvetly Flarin’ Off Some Denim

My outfit of the day consisted on a very casual look, incorporating some of my all-time favorite trends, including a pair of black velvet pair of flowy pants – high-waisted, of course. I paired the high-waisted comfy-oriented cropped, flared, flowy pants, with a long sleeve crew-kneck crop top. Finally, to finalize the look I layered a cropped, light-wash distressed jacket over my crop top, to tie the look together and retain some heat. I sported one of my favorite pair of high-top, black platform sneakers, as we all know, platform shoes are some of my favorite trends forever. Platform shoes will forever hold a special place in my heart.

My is thrown into a pair of french braids, one of my favorite go-to hairstyles. It is simple and keeps your hair out of your face. Not to mention, it adds a little more spunk than a simple ponytail, or lazy day bun.

I was feeling a little lazy, however, so I accessorized my face with a pair of round glasses to maximize my vision.

Who needs handbags anymore? My mini black backpack was my choice of bag for the day, as I have become a big fan of the mini backpack look and trend. Plus, backpacks are much more pratical these days. Do not fret, you can still make mini backpacks look chic.

As we transition into Spring, we can begin breaking out some of our favorite Spring, or Summer, clothes into our outfits. Lately, I have been all about the 90s and love that it is currently reliving their fashion glory days. I can say with certainty that this outfit channeled multiple 90s trends that have made a comeback recently in streetwear.

This is a fairly casual, comfy outfit, and is nothing over the top. However, you can always spice up, or step up, your comfortable, lazy day outfit, with some statement pieces, such as a pair of platform shoes, a distressed denim jacket, or even with a pair of black velvet flared pants. While a denim jacket is super classic, it is a great statement piece to have in the back of your closet, as I would definitely consider it an essential for anyone’s wardrobe.

My outfit of the day velvetedly flared off some denim in a pair of platform sneakers, or in other words, blew off some denim [steam] with some velvet-y flare, all while wearing platform shoes.

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Velvet, denim, and platform sneakers are tugging at my heart strings. What trends have been calling your name?


Aichan Tewahade

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OOTD – Low-Key Cute But Psycho

What a beautiful February afternoon! The sun is shining and I am just enjoying all the Vitamin D that this winter has to offer. 13378dab-137f-43ce-b5e1-321786e6b638

Taking full advantage of this beautiful afternoon and a half-day at work meant embracing the act of relaxation by becoming the definition of comfort. I am basically “sweatpants on, chillin’ with no make-up on,” it is as if Drake rapping about me.

My top-knot bun was in full swing, so I even let my hair be comfortable.

“Cute But Psycho,” my graphic crop top states, whether or not this is true, is up to you. Graphic tees are making a huge comeback in the fashion-industry, as they can be a fun way to spruce up and add another element to your otherwise top.

I paired my controversial graphic crop top, with a fluffy/fuzzy cardigan and a pair of black velvet leggings.

The best part of this outfit is that the fabrics of all the garments I am wearing are cozy and comfortable. Velvet, fuzzy cardigans, and comfy t-shirts all involve textures that enforce a sense of warmth, as well as reinforcing the importance of the textures of the garments to ensure ultimate comfortability.
The fuzzy cardigan truly hits the spot, almost acting as a cloud of comfort to wrap my entire body around. Not to mention, this furry goodness has pockets. I cannot ask for anything else.

I casually hung out among the dead grass and dead leaves.

No shoes were involved in the creation of this outfit.
Not every outfit I wear every day is fashion-forward, or by any means cute. But, as long as I feel comfortable and cozy in what I am wearing, you can ensure that I will be happy and pleasant.


While most OOTD’s consist of brilliantly put together ensembles, I kept it casual and comfortable today with my look. It is what I would refer to as a “keepin’ it simple.”

This is somewhat a replica of my usual lounging, day-to-day look that you can find me rockin’ all year long, especially on those days that you become apart of your bed or couch.

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  3. Snow Drift Cardigan – Rip Curl ($74.00)

Embrace the comfortable, lounging side of life.

From the cutest but most psycho chick around – dress comfortable, so you can breathe comfortably. 


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD – Camo & Velvet Sitting In A Tree

My newest OOTD post is an outfit I went hiking in recently, so it is somewhat athletic. The weather in Boulder, Colorado that day was fairly warm, but the trails were icy and slippery from the day before. I definitely slipped four or five times, during this hike. Good thing I was dressed appropriately.

In order to keep myself warm and comfortable, I wore a Trefoil Adidas t-shirt, a camo jacket (that I thrifted!!!), a pair of warm, velvet leggings, thick, fuzzy socks, and a pair of blue and black short Sorel boots. To complete the look, I accessorized my somewhat athletic outfit with a pink Stussy hat and a pair of oversized circular sunglasses, just to protect myself from those UV rays. 

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  3. LA Hearts Velvet Leggings – ($11.49)
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  5. Stussy Pink Strapback Baseball Cap – SOLD OUT!
  6. Oversized Men’s Camo Jacket – THRIFTED!

Do not let the weather stop you from taking a hike or looking hip on the trails this winter! It is all possible.

Get outside and enjoy nature!


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD – Florally Flared

My OOTD is an ensemble I would like to call, florally flared. I incoporated some of my newest favorite pieces and trends, all into one outfit. The look I was going for was comfy, yet chic…but, with the florals, I added a girly touch. Today, I paired some of my favorite Urban Outfitter’s pieces all together, which include a sheer floral crop top, a black flared, cropped jeans, and a Brixton fisherman hat. To keep me warm, I wrapped myself in a fuzzy, cozy, white cardigan, that feels just like a pillow. To tie up the look, I decided to dress my look up with a pair of Steve Madden cut-out ankle boots (these are some of my favorite shoes to go out in!!).

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Shop my complete look here:

  1. Kimchi Blue Floral Embroidered Sheer Long Sleeve Tee ($19.99)
  2. BDG Cropped Denim Culotte – Washed Black ($69.00)
  3. Meraki Moon Popcorn Cozy Cardigan ($69.00)
  4. Brixton Fiddler Fisherman Hat ($42,00)
  5. Steve Madden Women’s Cinch Ankle Boot (SOLD OUT)

What are your favorite pieces for this season? I would love to see some of your own outfits and ensembles to get some inspiration 😗


Aichan Tewahade

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OOTD – Black As The Night

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Washington D.C.! And, what an exciting trip it was!

On an outing to see some national monuments, I decided to match my outfit with the black night. Seeing that black is my favorite color, this was an easy go-to outfit for me. To keep me warm, my outfit included a black leather jacket, with amazing zipper detailing, and underneath, I wore a cropped, black American Apparel sweater. Then, I finished the look off with a pair of black distressed skinny jeans, my favorite pair of Jeffrey Campbell ankle booties, and a black Brixton hat.

IMG_3844IMG_3851IMG_3854IMG_3863Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

To find my complete look:

  1. Faux Leather Moto Jacket ($32.90) – Forever 21
  2. Cropped Fisherman Pullover ($58.00) – American Apparel
  3. Distressed High Waist Skinny Jean (SOLD OUT!) – BP
  4. Stormy Rain Boot ($55.00) – Jeffrey Campbell
  5. Fiddler Cap ($42.00) – Brixton

Remember, wearing too much black is never a thing. The day I stop wearing black is the day that the world invents another color.


Aichan Tewahade