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Life Hack #13 – Act Distracted

In order to run away from our problems, we distract ourselves, right? These behaviors are innate, or come naturally, to us, as we all develop avoidance techniques to avoid doing things we do not want to do, or think about.

The extremity in which we take avoidance is up to us, and depends on a lot of factors, including how severely the situation impacted our lives, timing, being prepared for the incident, etc. Avoidance behaviors can extend to developing a drug habit to simply just watching endless amounts of animal videos. It all just depends on the situation. Avoidance can come in the form of positive habits, as well, as they can also be seen as coping mechanisms.

The key to staying afloat is developing strong coping skills, which, in the end, may take a lifetime. In order to develop strong and healthy coping skills, it requires you to get to know yourself. Everything these days seems to be about getting to know yourself, but in order to find out what you truly like, in order to replace old, poor, and broke habits, this is a requirement. Avoiding or dealing with uncomfortable situations already sucks, so why replace a old, broken habit with another old, broken habit that you DO EVEN LIKE?

As you continue learning more and more about yourself, you slowly begin developing coping skills that you can use to avoid situations, in which you do not feel comfortable. However, avoiding forever is not healthy either – as this can become severly unhealthy for an individual. Finding hobbies or activities, such as our school work, joining clubs, volunteering, coloring, cleaning, hiking, running, swimming, working, etc. all count as coping mechanism skills to handle the unique stressors in our life. The great thing about coping mechanism skills is that we can grow and build on them, starting off as just a doodler, I am now a self-proclaimed, full-time color guru. I love coloring!

In order to avoid, for example, having to hear someone say rude things about you, instead of grabbing the nearest bottle (unless it’s water, juice, or non-alcoholic), maybe you grab a book instead. We all have excuses to act distracted, whether it be a upcoming test, avoiding a frenemy, or just life being stressful.

The key to upkeeping these activities and staying distracted from the white noise is finding things that ACTUALLY WORK FOR YOU and enforcing them into your life. While this may not be easy and you may find yourself falling back into old, nasty habits, as soon as you begin scheduling these things in and truly thinking about your actions before you proceed, you will find that there is plenty of room for these activities in your life. Being bored is a choice – you have a choice about the way you feel and how you would like to proceed making you feel better. Short-term satisfaction feels great in the moment, but does it truly last? The first and final answer is “no.”

In order to truly feel the satisfaction that you crave from life, you must exert the amount of effort you wish to receive back. This cliché most of the time is correct, IN THE LONG-TERM. Long-term goals are not supposed to be easily reached, as they will take a LONG time to truly engrain in your mind, in order to master the coping skill.

The best times to act distracted: when you feel your heart rate rising, your thoughts are beginning to race, and you find yourself in a pickle.

While being distracted has its’ negative connotation, sometimes you can find mindfulness in your distractions. Sometimes dwelling on our thoughts and problems obsessively is not the best way to handle life, and EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL HAS A UNIQUE, MASTERED WAY TO AVOID, AND THEREFORE, HANDLE THEIR PAINFUL THOUGHTS AND LIFE.

The realest challenge about this is sticking with it and wanting to do it for yourself. At first, doing things for others may seem easy, but after a while, your true colors do show. Do these distractions for yourself and you will find permanent fufillment in these activities.

Coping mechanisms skills are important, as our lives will not be a breeze forever. We will hit bumps in the road quite frequently and we will need to find ways to deal with this. The path you take, healthy or unhealthy, is ultimately up to you. The amount of power you have over your life is incredible; you have the ability to control every action and reaction you make towards life. To abuse this priviledge, while it is common, is a waste. Do not spend your ENTIRE life wasting it with mindless, unmeaningful things, but fill it with the mindful, meaningful experiences you deserve.

Feed your soul the new hobbies and activities it needs to flourish. Do not let your precious skills be put to waste! Or, do let the fear of trying something new, get in the way of staying distracted. Once you have learned how to actively and productively distract yourself, there is truly no stopping you, OTHER THAN YOU.

Who knows…these distractions could lead to new opportunities, friendships, memories, and experiences. You have no idea that your little hobby or obsession can take form as, as it could be something that could whisp you off your feet.


Aichan Tewahade

Dear 2017,

I know I say this every year, but this was supposed to be MY year to be good at life and to “bounce-back” from last years mistakes. You went by like a breeze when I look at you from far away, but up-close and every day, you were the hardest thing I ever had to deal with.

To say that 2017 began on the note that I would have liked is a misconception, in fact, I began my year in a hospital, due to anxiety, overwhelming amounts of stress, so much so that I was put into a state of confusion, and just left lost. Of course, other events exasperated the issue – but, to say it was not tough, was, and is, an understatement. I also began this year with some cyberbully, something I do not condone by any means, and it left me feeling truly hurt. Yet again, someone had found their way onto my Facebook page anonymously leaving a poorly written, gramatically incorrect status on my page, as me. This has happened so many times now that I have stopped counting. Of course, this ruffled some feathers, as well. Needless to say, I was pretty beaten down.

This year was tougher than any other year, because I had finally truly grasped my own reality, trauma included. And, the list of trauma that I had endured the past four years, or my whole life, was quite extensive and triggers me even thinking about it. If there is one thing I am thanking 2017 for is assisting me to find outlets to relieve my stress and embarrassment that I faced from my traumas. I would also like to thank each, and every single individual that expressed love, exerted happiness towards me, and believed in me, each and every day. The support I received from SO many individuals makes me cry tears of happiness, as I truly felt lost, trapped in my own thoughts, and stuck. I began this year with a fairly weak support system, and now here I am, with a whole squad on my back.

I find every year an adventure full of surprises and unexpected events, and though my negativity clouded much of the good moments, I must say I did overcome a lot. This year has taught me that I need to learn to be with myself, as much as I preach it. I still feel uncomfortable with the silence and the simplistic aspects of my life, as stability is a new-found theme of my life. Instead of constant partying and seeking acceptance from others, I am looking to lead a life full of simplicity, happiness, smiles, coloring, hardwork, school, friendships, photography, hiking, cooking and crafting. Allowing the simplicity back into my life forced me to deal with my MANY inner demons, and it is truly uncomfortable from time-to-time.

As I am recovering from what seems like the most self-destructive four years, I have finally found parts of who I am, that I seemed to have misplaced, admist all the drama and nonesense within my life. While I am still a work in progress, I have found peace knowing that deep-down I am still the same old, happy soul I once was. The abuse, the trauma, the bullying, etc. did make me skip a step, or ten, but I found out that I was still the person I was missing. Aspects of my youthful soul were ripped out of my heart and taken away from me, and life felt pretty personal. I forgot how you are not supposed to take life so personal, but call me sensitive.

Today, even to this day, as this years begins coming to a close, I am still in shock, simply because I was so lost this year, I did not know where I was going to end up by December. Aspects of my life were spiraling out of control and I could not control them, so I just had to deal with my emotions and take it milli-second by milli-second. Now, I am sitting here realizing that the best thing 2017 brought me was courage and self-determination. While struggling with all these problems, I still managed to find the courage to take on the world and accomplish some of the goals I had made for myself. I still remember setting those goals and thinking, “this is NOT possible for me.”

This year, I had to change my thought process, if I truly wanted to grow and heal. To say that my thought process was healthy is a very falsified statement. With my ADHD, six types of ADD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, numerous phobias, OCD, PTSD, my thought processing is a bit out-of-whack to say the least. The world is still a very scary place for me, as I wiggle my way back into what a “normal life” means. I still sweat my balls off every time I leave my apartment for fear that something may go horribly wrong, yet I am still sweating my balls off in my apartment, because I cannot stand my repetitive negative thoughts and get all up in my head. It is all still confusing, but every day, as much as I can, I STILL try and challenge myself. Some days are easier than others, OBVIOUSLY, but it is all hard, not just for me, but for evreyone.

I learned that I cannot always take home the “W” in 2017 – talk about a piece of humble pie. No, I know I am overtly competitive, but this year was full of more “L’s” than there were “W’s” sometimes. That is okay, though. It certainly sucks not to get your way, but with my diagnoses, I do enjoy a little drama and frustrations, as it helps light a fire under my ass. Taking losses is definitely not as easy as it looks, as we all yearn for success and to be the best, most successful forms of ourselves. I had to work hard, constantly feeling like I was battling a fight that I was never going to win. But, once again, this just required changing my thought processing and behavioral techniques. Instead of falling to the wayside and giving up, I often found myself pushing past my boundaries, and finding strength and a will to want to live deep within me that kept me going all-year.

While this year most certainly had its ups and its downs, this was the very first year I was completely indepedent; independent of roommates, independent financially, indepedent academically, emotionally independent. Independent is where I began, and I built on this cobblestone, and will keep building on it until I die. Learning to be independent is uncomfortable, frustrating, annoying, boring, emotional, awesome, and everything in between, but it is most certainly not easy. In order to be indepedent, you must possess the skills to not only be willing to do things by yourself, but be self-motivated enough to actually execute them. Nope, thinking long and hard about an assignment will not get it done. And, yup, you do actually have to do it. This took a while for it to sink in for me, as I am still struggling to juggle all these responsibilities, all while taking care of myself. When you are independent, your parents or guardians are no longer nagging you, or forcing you, to do things. You need to find this will within yourself. Being independent, just like 2017, has its ups and downs, but is something I am truly proud of accomplishing. I truly had to rely on myself, making my own shoulder, the primary shoulder to cry on.

I deemed this year “the year of upgrades.” Considering where I began, I know I have upgraded. I realize upgrades do not happen overnight, though, and that patience is most certainly a virtue. Upgrades did happen and are happening even before my eyes, currently. I predict upgrades in the future, but for now, I must learn to be happy with where I am in my life. Yes, this year was not spectacular sometimes, and I did have to settle, but I learned so much that I do not think it matters. Sometimes, I want to expedite the whole process, but in order to truly change, it takes time.

When I look back and realize how many people I simply interacted with and built relationships this year with, I cry, realizing how blessed I am. Realizing how much human beings need other human beings’ energies was a vital aspect of life that I learned this year. No matter how happy you may be with yourself, human beings crave and need other human beings to achieve happiness. The amount of happiness that certain individuals bring to me and care for me is phenomenal, and it took almost having most of my loved ones ripped away from me to realize how much their support meant to me. I found support in the slyest of places, not even expecting or even believing that I deserved this amount of support and love. This is when I realized that instead of being mad at the world by myself, I could do it in the company of others – JUST KIDDING. I learned to embrace the love – something I normally avoid, and honestly, makes me uncomfortable. Oh, to be loved…I generally do not know how to handle it, but it is truly humbling. To all that do not even realize how much your endless amount of unspoken or spoken support has helped and encouraged me to continuing growing, I thank you. For those who believe me and shower me with love, even when I do not feel I deserve it, I also thank you. And, to myself, who I shower with self-doubt, I still thank you for deep-down loving myself and realizing my potential.

Most importantly, I would like to thank 2017 for my health, my happiness, my mental health, awareness, my support system (family, extended family, friends, and loved ones), my endless supply of clothing, the number of opportunities life has presented me, my education, my financial stability, the roof over my head, and all the blessings and hardships life has handed me. I learn every year that life is not that easy, but I am constantly learning new things every day, making life a little bit easier to deal with. MOST, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I want to thank 2017 for making me so uncomfortable I finally started the blog I always wanted to. I thank every reader, follower, viewer, whoever, who gives my voice and opinion the time of day. Creating a blog has been a dream of mine for centuries, and I was full of self-doubt and was not sure how much of a hit it would be. I am approaching almost a full-year of starting up this blog that I named indulgeyourlife.wordpress.com/ and it turned out to do some powerful, therapeautic things for me, as well as others. This, in itself, was one of the biggest highlights of 2017 for me. I love what I do, and I hope you do too!

I can only say that I am sure 2018 will be just as rocky, full of upsides and downsides, as this year was. But, every year is different, because of the new memories, new experiences, new relationships, and new opportunities we encounter. So, with that said, I can already taste 2018 in my mouth, and while it may not be drastically different than this year, I sense some upgrades coming in the future, and more goals that are going to be met.



Aichan Tewahade

15 Questions I Ask Myself About My Childhood Television Shows

  1. Is Lizzie McGuire schizophrenic, because she always seems to be talking to the cartoon version of herself? Carrying a conversation with yourself, Lizzie? Better not let Matt, catch you on video.
  2. Courage The Cowardly dog is one of the most cowardly dogs…so, the title is ironic. Why does he live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors? How do they get food, clothing, water, and necessities in the middle of nowhere? Why are his owners so effing creepy?
    Also, did you ever notice how Courage the Cowardly Dog was always just flipping us off the whole time, with his paws.flip
  3. How high were Shaggy and Scooby? OR HOW HIGH WAS THE WHOLE GANG? What were in those scooby snacks? And, can I get some? ‘Nuff said.
  4. How can Johnny Bravo’s hair and chest be the same size? How does he stand living in such disproportion? Does this make him top-heavy?
  6. Is Raven actually genie or a fortune teller? Or is she actually just delusional?
  8. Why is the guy on Blue’s Clue’s fucking talking to an imaginary, paper, blue dog?
  9. What language do teletubbies speak and why are there no subtitles? I’m looking to pick up a new language on Rosetta Stone.
  10. How can Woody and his friends speak in Toys Story? Toys are inanimate objects that scientifically speaking are not capable of speaking, let along travel, making friendships, going on adventures to the grocery store, etc. How can Buzz Lightyear fly without any batteries? Is this one of his innate skills?
    toy story
  11. Why is Clifford a enormous, big red dog? How can he not destroy everything he walks by? Is he Godzilla in disguise?
  12. Did the cookie monster die?
  13. How could her friends or her peers not recognize that Miley Stewart was Hannah Montana? What kind of world does Hannah Montana live in, because the resemblence is uncanny?! aca57cd678cb0eb67de31f1aa14afe3f
    Why is the television show the reason why the real Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus are not speaking? Is it because he did not realize she was a part-time rockstar this whole time?
  14. Do Zach and Cody really have nothing better to do than to fuck shit up in a hotel? How are they not in juvy? Why does it take them creating another tv show on a cruise for viewers to realize that they actually go to school? Also, why do they live in a hotel? At this point, wouldn’t buying, renting, or subleasing a home be cheaper economically?
  15. Who named the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Been trying to answer these questions since ’95 – Anyone want to give me some answers already. I am feeling 22, and lost and confused.


Aichan Tewahade

Life Hack #12 – Study Tips

Whether you’re juggling a job and attending a university, one universal trait that college students can commune on is the ability to maintain a strong semester. It’s tiresome, even those who attend universities with a quarter system, or perhaps a trimester system. It’s extremely difficult to maintain your strong momentum, starting and ending strong without getting lazy. It is just as easy to begin the semester strong as it is to end the semester on a week note, and vice versa, of course. At some points, you have meltdowns because another universal ideology that all college students universally share is that you want the best grade possible – whether it be a D, barely passing, or an A, being an successful student. While grades do not define you, in order to graduate from your undergraduate or graduate college, you must pass your classes. Let me be the first to say that getting good grades does not only make it financially fulfilling, but also personally fulfilling.

Finals and midterms seem like the most popular time to have these so-called “mental breakdowns,” as you have simply lost what seems like all of your motivation or care, snd finding yourself not wanting to keep up the excellent effort you have been putting forward. I am suggestible to these year-round, no matter how many classes I am taking, I am stressed because I want the best grade possible, without making silly mistakes.

Silly mistakes, such as forgetting a assignment, not being prepared for a midterm or exam, are things that should not hold you back. As my brother once told me, college is a numbers game – you do not want to a zero on your grade report. It is always beneficial to turn in “wrong work,” or an incomplete assignment, than it is to not turn it in at all. Zeros are bad – way worse than a 30%, which i have received in my collegiate career, because mythology goes that grading in college is much different than high-school and that great grades are harder to attain. My dad keeps telling me that I just need to pass the class, but another tip he told me was to study smart, stop obsessing over details.

Interestingly enough from the guy who gave me a mug that says “hardwork never killed anyone, so why try?” (aka my dad), I thought this was good advice. While it is important to do readings (yes, as you begin upper division classes reading is important as fudge), sometimes long readings and lectures cannot be fully consumed and it is important to learn to note the most important aspects of the articles. Details are important, but understanding and soaking up the material is much more manageable for studying and learnig purposes. Similarly, you can always go back to looking over details. Do remember to take good notes the first time however on your readings, lectures, videos, etc., so when reviewing them you do not need to re-read the entire document. Another important key to long readings and lectures is to do a portion of reviewing every day if possible. This will make finishing strong much easier, as you have been going over the material already.

Staying on top of things, not people, is the most important aspect in achieving your academic goals for your school year. Stay focused and keep the ball moving, not even letting a bad grade get in your way. As my friend told me today, hard work reaps benefits so do your best to constantly remind yourself of your end goal, which will lead to so much self-fulfillment you can sleep at night, or most nights.

Also, staying on top of things does not mean constantly procrastinating, but being able to meet the due date. As noted before, do a reasonable amounts of work every day to complete your weeks assignments, and perhaps you could also try to jumpstart ahead. Being ahead is never a bad thing, as long as you stay updated on the current information. So, do not forget to review current materials from your current lecture, while simultaneously working ahead.

A truly helpful tip is to try to go beyond memorizing the material and applying it to real life examples, or other classes. In order to truly succeed, internalizing information and truly understanding concepts is essential, or simply more self-fufillling. It most certainly takes more time to spend time understanding and digesting the material, but in the long-run, especially during finals week and midterms, it is important to understand the material beyond simple definitions.

An important aspect of success is tests, or exams. I will recommend making notecards, if it is applicable for the test. Perhaps, even utilizing Quizlet on your mobile phone or on your laptop. I find it easier for myself to write them out or utilize Quizlet on my phone. For those of you who are not familiar with Quizlet, it is an application that allows you to make digital notecards, allowing you to test yourself and play memory games with the terms or phrases that you are attempting to study. Since we spend so much time on our mobile applications, we may as well utilize an application that lets us study practically 24/7. Constantly reviewing notecards, through Quizlet mobile or online, or simply just reviewing your handwritten notecards will serve as completely beneficial in your memory skills. Quizlet is great, because it allows you to play games with your allotted terms and concepts noted on your notecards.

Word to the wise, for tests and exams, not only is it important to not cram, but it is important that where you study and where you take the exam is quiet, and most importantly, you are comfortable. Whether it be with a friend, alone at the library, etc., find somewhere where you can feel safe to study. For me, I enjoy renting out an individual study room at my local university library, studying at home alone – I find these places great environments to stay productive, as much as possible. Try to spend at least one day a week at the library, honestly, I would suggest more days. The more frequently you begin attending the library, the more likely you are to complete and do better academically. While studying at home, you are prone to many distractions and the library just forces you to sit there. If a library is not your scene, try a local coffee shop or a local library (not your school library), visiting these options allow for more ability to concetrate with much less distractions, because even the school library can get overwhelming seasonally.

Yes, it will suck in the moment, but I am taking it millisecond by millisecond, at the moment. Pushing myself beyond levels that I never knew I could be pushed to, but I do school for myself and try to make learning as enjoyable as possible. Sometimes, this is a problem as we all want to absorb all the material possible, but do not have time.

A grand, old, classic tip is to look at your syllabus ahead of time, staying updatd on current assignments, in order to know when things are coming up. I suggest looking at the entire syllabus, or maybe a month’s worth of work, and grabbing a planner and writing all this information down. Knowing what is to come ahead and when it is coming up is important and lets you plan ahead before the assignment is due. Maybe, once again, you can get a head-start on an assignment. Planners and calendars are reccommended.

This is when good time-management and prioritizing comes handy. Of course, sometimes circumstances come up, but it should be our goal to finish our obligations, whether we enjoy them or not. We signed up for them. Prioritizing is an extremely important lifeskill I am still learning. It is incredibly difficult, as time-management and priorities go hand-in-hand. I usually try to prioritize my hardest, most rigorous assignments immediately over smaller, less difficult assignments. This has proved to be the most efficient. Also, if you have smaller assignments that can be finished in a short amount of time and lack utter concentration – start them and try to complete them. This takes a lot of stress off your plate. Beginning assignments early and breaking them down is basically the underlying concept behind time-management. A to-do list or a calendar are useful to have around to remind you of what you need to get done for the week, or the month. This is also where planning gets involved. Planning, another important aspect of life, allows you the freedom to have a little less stress in your life, as you can plan obligations, schoolwork, etc. visually for yourself. Visual aids of things that need to get done allow you to tackle one thing at a time. If I have a lot on my plate, I make it a goal to at least accomplish 3 things off of my to-do list, minimum.

While you may spend hours grinding it at out on all your subjects, do not forget to eat, stay hydrated and take study breaks. These are all important in retaining information. Similarly, try to get your sleep schedule on a proper cycle, as that plays a big role in mood, behavior, and your academics. Sleep is important, as it recharges our internal batteries, just like good food does.

Also, think about laying off the booze and picking up some more sober activities. While a couple glasses of wine or a few beers never hurt anybody (this is a lie statistically – so, I apologize), there’s no need to go all out. These intense celebratory festivities can be partaken much less frequently and toward the end of the semester. Do not get me wrong – I am not not condoning partying. I love a great glass of red wine or a Kolsch, but I am simply not going to the club every night until 2 a.m. Talk about taking a toll on your bodily functions, life, responsibilities, mood, behavior – to. name a few. Lay off for a little, and save these times as celebrations. There’s no real reason you must be partying every night – it is possible and it is fun, but it just makes school that much more harder and stressful for me, at least.

You know how when you party you meet random strangers? I find this experience useful in classes, as they are utilized as a way to get to know the strangers, or other students, I will be spending the next few months learning from, sitting next to, etc. Think about it, as if you were in a party environment, drunk or sober. You usually form bonds with random strangers, this can be come extremely beneficial to have companions in class. In contrast to having friendships with strangers for one night, or one hour, you can build a relationship with fellow peers, who can help one another with school and life problems. It’s a 2 in 1 package deal that no one can pass op on.

Can you say relationship with professor – And, no i. do not mean an intimate one. I mean building a relationship with both the professor and the teacher assistant is also a vital key to maintaining consistency with your studies. Not only do you get to know them personally, but having access to resources who are willing to help is an incredible opportunity we need to utilize.This service is especially helpful when you are not understanding a concept within the class. Similarly, it shows effort in your part that you are trying beyond the means of jus the lecture, notes and books. Professors do not expect everyone to understand everything and they are there to help – they are very similar to academic advisors who provide resources of help about one’s degree, among other things. You should also build relationships with them and visit them at least once a semester. They offer free guidance and can help you finish your undergraduate degree in the most efficient way. Do not forget to utilize these people – they are your best friend. Friends are not generally afraid to ask other friends questions, are they? So, neither should you.

These are my tips for how to get through the tough times of college and I hope you enjoy!

What are your suggestions for succeeding in academics? Let me know.


Aichan Tewahade

5 Times Hannah Montana’s Songs Taught Me How To Live Life

How many times have you disregarded Hannah Montana as your mentor? I bet you have not internalized the lessons and the messages that her music portrays. Hannah Montana is my mentor and continues to teach me more and more about how I should live my life.


  1. Nobody’s Perfect
    • “Nobody’s perfect, you live and you learn it,” she sings. Hannah Montana nailed it, as we are all obsessed with the idea of being perfect self, based on our own values, beliefs, morals, and expectations. While our idea of perfectionism is relative to each person, we all share the general idea that we want to be the most successful and happy versions of ourselves. However, life does not work like that, otherwise, life would be fairly boring and fairly perfect. If everything and everyone was perfect, what would be have to work for and live for? We need to face adversity in order to live our most fufilling lives. Most situations in our lives will not turn out perfectly, nor will we, as human beings. But, this is okay! She tells us that it is okay for us all to make mistakes, because “everybody makes mistakes.” In addition to all these lessons, she reminds us to be gentle with ourselves, as expecting ourselves to be perfect at all times is irrational.
      • So, “next time you feel like it’s just one of those days, when you just can’t seem to win…if things don’t turn out the way you planned figure something else out…Don’t stay down, try again, yeah!” Talk about motivating! Hannah Montana, or Miley Cyrus, as she is known to most, is right. Figure something else out, do not stay down! The longer you stay down, the harder things will be to fix. Regardless of that, NOBODY IS PERFECT. Challenge our society and accept the imperfections of life, and figure out another way around the obstacle you are facing. If Hannah says that we are not perfect, and that it is okay not to be perfect, because no one else is perfect, IT MUST BE THE TRUTH. Learn it, believe it and live it. WOOOOOOO!
  2. Life’s What You Make It
    • “Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it right – MAKE IT RIGHT!” Hannah Montana chants this throughout the entire song, and the chorus is indeed right, as life is what you make it. Instead of making it left, or making it wrong, or not fun, Hannah Montana encourages us to make the best out of life, as the power is in our hands! Even when a situation is not the way we planned, as individuals, we have the power to make the best out of every situation, if we so please to. If we want to make our life left, or not fun, then we also have the power to do this, as well. As human beings, we control most aspects of our lives, or at least the way we can react to them.
      • “Don’t let no small frustration ever bring you down!
        No, no, no, no
        Just take a situation and turn it all around.” Basically, this song is an anthem to teach us that the power of our the reality of own lives are in our own hands. This is a lot of power to turn things around. Do not let the small frustrations, bring you down! Find another way around this obstacle we call life, and keep it positive.
      • “Life’s what you make it, SO LET’S MAKE IT ROCK!!!!” Never forget this!!
  3. The Best Of Both Worlds
    • “You get the best of both worlds…
      Chill it out, take it slow, then you rock out the show.
      You get the best of both worlds
      Mix it all together, and you know that it’s the best of both worlds.” While we are not rockstars like Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus, we are made up of multiple components of “self,” within our selves. Crazy, right? This song teaches me to learn to balance having fun and “chillin’ it out, and taking it slow.” It is important to find a happy medium, as we all know that Hannah Montana transforms into Miley when she wants to chill it out and take it slow. We can all experience the best of both worlds, if we can carefully execute our decision making process and prioritize correctly, incorporating our responsibilities and our fun. The best life we live is when we are able to live the best of both worlds within our own world. Maybe, we do not rock it out on stage like Hannah Montana, or see Orlanda Bloom at a movie premiere, but we still do know how to PARTY, or have fun. If you do attend movie premieres and rock out on stage like Hannah Montana, then more power to you – this song probably relates to you very closely. Just like Miley must find a balance within her two lives, we must find a balance within our life, juggling our fun times with our responsibilities.
  4. Rockstar
    • This one is a personal favorite. We’ve all had a crush, who may not pay as much attention to us, even though we all deserve all the attention in the world. Hannah Montana teaches us not to wait around for these fools, who we try to dress up for and look cute for. But, Hannah Montana, once again teaches us that, well…we might just be a rockstar. So, who cares about these losers, am I right?
      • “I’m unsual, not so typical, way too smart to be waiting around. Tai chi practicing, snowboard champion, I could fix flat on your car…I might even be a rockstar.” We all fall for someone, who truly does not know who we are and barely notices, and that is okay. But, Hannah Montana empowers us all by telling us that we are much cooler than these people try to define us as (A.K.A. unnoticeable). What if we were all rockstars like Hannah Montana? We all are rockstars, FOR SURE, but maybe we don’t perform on stage like Hannah does. That is okay – our self worth should not be based on what we think these imbeciles think we are. We are actually much cooler than we are even being acknowledged as!! Hannah Montana achieves the greatest form of empowerment. Do not wait for these loonies to notice you, because you are worth much more than waiting around for them to notice you. Focus your attention on those around you who already think you are just as cool as you are!
  5. The Climb
    • “But, I keep trying, gotta keep my head held high. There’s always going to be another mountain, I’m always going to want to make it move. Always going to be an uphill battle, sometimes I’m gonna have to lose. Ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb!” This is one of Hannah Montana’s most beautiful pieces, as it MOSTLY puts me to tears. It is quite motivating, as she belts out that no matter what challenges we face, we must keep fighting and keep going. She emphasizes that it does not matter how fast we accomplish our goals, but to keep pushing past our insecurities and the challenges we face, in order to achieve our goals and dreams. In order to get through life, we need a thick skin and need to be able to move past all the challenges we are faced with. Sometimes, we do not always win, even though we may be fighting the good fight. This is okay – you may be knocked down, but do not give up!!
      • “The struggles I’m facing, the chances I’m taking, sometimes might knock me down, but NO, I am not breaking. I may not know it, but these are the moments that I’m gonna remember most, yeah. Just gotta keep going!” She teaches us to “stay strong and keep pushing on,” as life is a tireless battle when you are fighting for your dreams. Keep believing in yourself, no matter if you are winning or losing. The idea of this song is genuinely beautiful and very substantial, as we all need reminders that achieving our dreams and goals is not an easy feat. Whenever you are feeling insecure or unsure about your life, just continue battling – we are all warriors!OK FOR ALL YOU DIE HARD HANNAH MONTANA FANS, I KNOW THE CLIMB IS TECHNICALLY PERFORMED BY MILEY CYRUS. Just know that “The Climb” deserves to be recognized. AND, IT WAS IN THE HANNAH MONTANA – SO SHUSH.

These are some of my all-time favorite Hannah Montana songs that have taught me to live the life I live. I try to enforce all these lessons into my life, in order to live the PHENOMENAL LIFE I LIVE!! WOOOOOOO! Hannah Montana is not underrated, or just for kids. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus has some important ideas she is trying to spread, so join me on the journey of uncovering all the lessons that her songs depict. Hannah Montana lives on! SHE IS A LEGEND! SHE IS MY MENTOR!!!



Aichan Tewahade

P.S. The links to the official Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus’ musicc videos are accessible for convenient viewing, just with the click of the song title. So, if you are feeling nostalgic, click on the name of the song and the official video will come up!

The Fourth Thursday Of Every November

Thanksgiving Day, a day that incorporates giving thanks and indulging in large amounts of delicacies, lands on the fourth Thursday of every November. It is significant to Americans specifically because it gives us an excuse to eat massive amounts of food and not feel sorry for it – JUST KIDDING. It’s really a holiday giving us an excuse to kill lots of turkies, eat them, and not feel bad for it – ONCE AGAIN, just kidding. I hate turkey anyways, and would take a honey roasted ham over turkey any day. But, really…who can pass up some good mashed potatoes?

The very first Thanksgiving that was historically recorded occurred in 1621, after December 11, 1620, when the Pilgrims had arrived at Plymouth Rock on the Mayflower. With the help of the Native Americans, the Pilgrims were able to make it through a brutal winter and ended up with a surplus of harvest for them to survive. In celebration of their successful bounty, the Native Americans and Pilgrims celebrated the very first Thanksgiving in 1621. The first Thanksgiving lasted three days, which is AWESOME and I wish this was the case today.  The bountiful feast united the Native Americans and Pilgrims together, and the feast symbolized a “thanksgiving” for their unifying efforts to create such a successful bountiful harvest. Instead of eating cranberries, however, the Pilgrims and Native Americans probably settled for something like corn. Instead of turkey, they also celebrated with five deer.

The next Thanksgiving was celebrated in June 1676, and was celebrated on-and-off until it was sanctioned as a true holiday in 1941, during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration. Getting Thanksgiving to become a national holiday was much difficult than one imagined, as many people opposed of the idea. Ironically, as Americans and colonists continued to celebrate the holiday, Native Americans were slowly isolated from the holiday festivities, though they are a vital aspect of the emergence of the holiday.

During the years, Thanksgiving was used to celebrate a multitude of different victories or purposes for Americans, but today, the holiday tends to serve a few core purposes for Americans.

Today, the main purpose of Thanksgiving is to unite with others, specifically families, and give thanks for the blessings, hardships, and circumstances of their lives. Thanksgiving is a beautifully unique holiday that allows for a multitude of individuals to come together for a similar cause and celebrate. Similarly, it is a beautiful holiday, as we dedicate a whole day for giving thanks for everything in our life. In addition, it also gives us an opportunity to help those who may not be as fortunate. Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season of giving and allows individuals to extend themselves to help not only themselves, but others. Though a holiday should not dictate whether one should help the less fortunate, it has become a unified purpose for the holiday, which is something we can communally celebrate. Finally, football has become an enormous part of the Thanksgiving holiday, with the first Thanksgiving football game taking place in the mid-1870s. In fact, Thanksgiving football games are nearly as old of a tradition as the holiday itself. Makes you wonder if there is enough giving thanks and too much football, huh?

To me, the most important aspect of Thanksgiving is the fact that I get to be unified with my loved ones and share food, memories, and happiness. Giving gratitude for one’s life is one universal idea of Thanksgiving that is shared across all religions.

This year, I am grateful for my mental, physical, and emotional health, my growth that I have made over the course of the year, all my friendships, whether they lasted or not, my entire family, who has loved and supported me since birth, my education, my job, and my dedication. I have so much to be thankful for – it is truly hard to put it all into words. In addition, I am extremely grateful for all the hardships I have faced and encountered over the past few years, which have helped shaped the person that I am. Similarly, I am so grateful for the journey of self-discovery and self-love I am currently on. If I could give back the amount of gratitude and blessings that I feel for my life, I would spend days giving back unlimited amounts of happiness, love and gratitude. I wish this was possible!

If you are not in the mood to feast, invest some time into charity, whether you decide to make donations or work at a homeless shelter, assisting in helping others. I can almost gaurantee you that this line of work will be much more gratifying and you will give gratitude for the life you live. Similarly, the people you are helping will show much more gratitude towards you and your services that that will trump even the best mashed potatoes. Or, even better, you could feast and proceed to help others who are less fortunate as you.

Do not forget to give thanks for all your blessings and misfortunes this year! Eat lots of apple and pumpkin pie, but DO NOT FORGET THE MASHED POTATOES!

Let’s kick this giving holiday season on a good note!


Aichan Tewahade