Life Hack #27 – Ditch The Baggage & Leave Your Junk In The Trunk

Wherever it may be, whether it be at the door, at your exes, at the nearest dumpster, or in your Uber ride, leave your extra (emotional, unnecessary, negative, demeaning, argumentative, entitled, condescending, and/or victimized baggage ditch that unproductive baggage in your living room, kitchen, or wherever you desire, because it is only slowing you down and weighing you down by dragging, rolling, pulling, pushing, or carrying all the extra main brand baggage around you. For those of you that drive, own a car, or Uber (perhaps you may even utilize the trunk of your Uber vehicle by placing some of your junk in the trunk), leave all the extra clutter, or drama, or even outbursts, in the trunk of the vehicle. Clearly, the items do not fit within the front, or main part of the vehicle. so therefore, there is simply no room for all the nonsense that you tend to lug around with you in the main compartment of the car. But, there is room in the trunk. As a result, it is up to the individual to thoroughly and responsibly shift through all the baggage, which can be considered a huge task involving careful prioritizing and picking-and-choosing, and place all their belongings into their car strategically.

The items. or groceries, or junk, or luggage, or baggage (whatever you would like to call it) that you carry around with you everywhere you go metaphorically symbolize the stressors. emotional, physical or mental burdens you may be facing, or any drama that may be occurring in your life. The way that one decides to compact their car (front, back, and trunk) with items, whether it be groceries, junk, baggage or luggage, is a metaphor that depicts how one goes about organizing their personal baggage, attempting to strategically organize their personal baggage from most tolerable baggage to least tolerable, most distracting baggage. Naturally, as the saying goes, leave your junk in the trunk. so the most intolerable baggage will be thrown in the trunk until further notice, to be forgotten, or at least our of sight. The more tolerable, much smaller baggage you may seem to be clinging onto has the pleasure of riding shot-gun with you, as the shot gun seat has the least amount of room for baggage and should be reserved for baggage the size of a large women’s handbag. In short, the smallest and most manageable stressors are allowed to ride up in the passenger seat, as they are easier to carry around with you, and as a result, affect your mood, your life. and your existence the least. Most of the baggage that ride upfront can be correlated with daily stressors that we experience most days. As the baggage gets to be a moderately heavier, but do not completely weigh you down, they sit in the middle or back seat of your car. as they are more unique, specialized issues you have encountered. This type of baggage has a fairly simple solution, but takes a little bit more effort and time to let go of than a small baggage. Large baggage, or enormous baggage, is the type of baggage you want to avoid. This type of baggage weighs heavily on your heart, affects your mood, affects your life, affects your cognition, to name a few things. Often, while this type of baggage has a solution, a solution, or the ability to simply get rid of this baggage, is substantially more difficult than small or medium baggage. This usually requires a long-term solutions, an extended portion of time, much more energy than small and medium baggage, and has the ability to completely derail your life (or, it seems like it).

This goes without saying, however. the less enormous-sized baggage you have hiding in your trunk, or left at your door, the better. The more that enormous-sized baggage begins infiltrating your life, the harder it is for individuals to maintain emotional stability, or any type of stability.

With that said, do not try to store your king-sized baggage upfront – not only will it not fit, but you will be prone to more accidents, frustrations, etc. Also, if you have the opportunity to hide your junk in your trunk, why spend the time you are supposed to be spending being distracted, letting your baggage co-pilot and backseat drive your life? The last thing you need is for your enormous emotional baggage replace you as driver, and having your enormous baggage calling the shots is not a good feeling. The minute you begin prioritizing and unhealthily letting your huge baggage sit up front is the minute you begin letting your baggage take the wheel. Your huge emotional baggage is so large and in charge that if you even let them occupy anywhere but the trunk, the massive baggage will take up so much room, leaving you no room to breathe and forcing you to sit in the back row, as your baggage begins attempting to become the master of your demise. Instead of Jesus taking the wheel, your deep emotional baggage is able to use his enormous mass to overthrow you as the driver. These massive emotional baggages are not to be underestimated. If they were animals, they would be a very dominant animal, as they always dominate our decision-making processes, infiltrate our emotions. destroy our sleep schedules. and never seem to let my calm demeanor and “not-so-baggage” dominate.

The bigger the baggage and the heavier the cargo, the greater the impact and affect the emotional baggage will have on you, emotionally, mentally and physically. It is very common to feel helpless, and it is much easier said than done it comes to dissociate yourself from some of this junk, and be present and mindful.

While you cannot completely ignore your baggage, leave it in your trunk forever. or just let it rot, temporarily abandoning the EXTRA BAGGAGE is never a bad thing.

Sometimes, if you are truly lucky, if you leave your baggage unattended for long enough someone else ends up picking up what-used-to-be your extra baggage. In most cases, someone else picking up your extra-large baggage means that the problem is no longer something you need to be dragging around, but more commonly. someone picking up your extra baggage does not mean you are completely out the woods. Most commonly, it just means that now BOTH OF YOU, including the person who just tried to pick up your abandoned baggage. now have to deal with the baggage together. While it may lighten the load. it only adds more confusion and more baggage.

The key to dealing with attempting to essentially leave behind all your problems and be present for your task, activity, or responsibility, is to repeatedly tell yourself to, “stop looking at the junk in your trunk.” Your mother did give you some junk in the trunk to be proud of, but the last thing you want to be caught doing is examining the junk in your trunk in public – no one wants to see that.

The junk in your trunk, or your abandoned baggage, is meant to be acknowledged at some point, however, do not become your baggage.

With that said, why would you be in any rush to retrieve baggage that you purposely set out to abandon? The action speaks for itself, as the baggage is probably full of unnecessary clutter, or memorabilia that do not bring back good memories. The baggage could even be filled with moldy vegetables, or trash from your trash cans, for all I know. Either way, whatever undesirable worries, emotions, turmoil, pain, drama, or stressors fill your trunk or your king-sized luggage. may try to lure you back in, as you begin to miss the unnecessary “clutter.”

But, instead of listening to that junk in your trunk that is filled with excessive emotional. mental, and physical baggage. and getting sucked back into panicking about your baggage, simply let yourself have a break – a break from dragging your excessive baggage, or in some cases, popping your trunk to take a peek at the junk you are holding on to.

Some baggage, or “emotional speed bumps,” no matter how hard you try to lock it up in your trunk, or try to abandon it somewhere, just does not disappear like that. As we all grow to learn that some problems and hiccups are simply unavoidable to set aside, and require immediate attention by the individual. It does not matter if you are going to work, the grocery store, or even to The Grammy’s, some baggage weighs on you so heavily and follow you persistently, and as a result, you are forced to bring your baggage, or otherwise “junk,” into work.

You may ask how that is possible, and the only answer is that kind of intense and heavy baggage is the kind of baggage that will wiggle their way into your trunk, no matter how small the space is. To make matters worse. that kind of baggage always finds its way back to you, even after you abandon the baggage. No. the baggage does not suddenly gain legs. But, this kind of baggage seems to attract good Samaritans, who taken it upon themselves to not let you leave your baggage behind no matter what. They will yell after you, even if you are purposely ignoring you. If you can still manage to keep ignoring the Samaritan, who has no idea how much of a disservice they are doing you by returning the baggage, I guarantee you that they will manage to speed up and make physical contact with you. in order to get your absolute attention. The worst part about them physically contacting you is that now you can no longer pretend like you do not hear them.

“Here they go, scolding me about how silly I am to be leaving a beautiful black Samsonite suitcase set, consisting of five Samsonite suitcases, behind. Blah, blah, blah…I could have lost a bunch of very important stuff, EVEN THOUGH LOSING THIS BAGGAGE WAS THE WHOLE POINT,” I find myself thinking.

Sometimes, I even find myself wondering if I attract my own abandoned luggage back to me? It is almost as if I am magnetized to them. As you begin to trick yourself into thinking that you can avoid your baggage or problems forever, snap out of it.

Yes, you can leave your worries in another universe, or at the head of a poker table, but they always will be hiding, sometimes discretely or sometimes indiscreetly, and they will not go away until you take care of them.

By “taking care of them,” one could either refurbish their junk, in which an individual begins taking measures to completely abandon their junk at their neighbor’s door. In other cases, “taking care of them [baggage],” one may decide that they no longer want any part of this burden, including any lingering feelings. smells, thoughts, and stress, and that individual may decide to face the baggage head on and legitimately light the entire luggage of baggage on fire. Setting your baggage on fire metaphorically symbolizes putting a legitimate end to that baggage, by completing destroying it and eliminating it from your life. When you are able to completely cleanse yourself or any baggage by gracefully placing your baggage in a bonfire, the phrase “ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt, rest in peace, mother f****r” comes to mind.

While it is not always possible, learning to leave as much of your biggest baggage behind, or at least in your bottle of tequila. is an important skill to master, as you will often be faced with situations, in which circumstances do not allow for, nor do they forgive, using emotional baggage creating a roadblock as an excuse to be absent from obligations. miss deadlines, skip work, to name a few.

In order to enjoy and maximize your time away from the junk in your trunk, it requires one to switch their focus onto the task at hand, not letting the baggage affect your mood. engaging in activities that you enjoy, and being completely present. Similarly, while we all do our best to check our baggage at the door, or at the airline ticket stand, depending on the setting, sometimes it does help to discuss some of the emotional baggage that may be weighing on your shoulders, and perhaps, get some guidance.

Personally, I do my best to refrain from speaking too deeply about emotional baggage, or anything that may make me upset, and I try to invest my time fully into the task that I need to be focusing on. In addition, I do my best to try to interact with other people, because company is always great! It really makes me feel better to also invest some time in listening to other people’s problems and attempting to help them with some of their baggage, which helps keep me distracted and genuinely makes me happy to help others with things they may be struggling with. Kindness, especially unplanned acts of kindness, are a great way to uplift your spirits and assist in not letting your baggage penetrate your life. Similarly, no matter what happens. or how I am feeling, I do my best to stay positive and crack some jokes. Humor is great to lighten any mood and assists in relaxing. especially when you need to just want to escape your problems.

Therapy is great for unpacking baggage, especially the emotional baggage and childhood baggage. While it is difficult to speak about your baggage, therapy is one place where you do not need to truly prioritize hiding your junk in your trunk. In fact, therapy encourages bringing your baggage with you. This is a great feeling – while therapists cannot go out and actively solve all your problems, they are great with helping in brainstorming solutions, but they are even better at listening to you mindlessly talk in circles about “how annoying” and “ugh” this baggage is to deal with.

Every person has been bestowed with minimum 100 bags full of emotional baggage. One does not choose to have baggage, but it is not an option. As soon as you are fresh out of your mother’s womb and the nurses have swaddled you up, baggage is magically bestowed on you. As a fetus. baggage is only developing, and as the fetus begins developing, so does the complexity and the extremity of the baggage that will be your life. As a human, you do not even get the blessing of 3 milliseconds without the burden of baggage.

I do not know a life without “baggage,” and while this life chose me, I can firmly and confidently plead that I did not choose this life.

All I can do is drag my baggage wherever I go. On good days, I can trim some fat off the edges and lighten the load of my baggage, abandoning another Samsonite for someone else to pick up. On bad days, I forget how much of a full plate of food I have before me, and instead of lightening my load. I end up fostering some more adopted baggage that I am extremely eager to get rid of.

While baggage is heavy and baggage is “the worst,” it is important to recognize that even though it’s one of your most persistent stalkers that mentally checking out and leaving all your “drama,” or some of your reality, somewhere other than where you currently are right now is a healthy habit that every one needs to learn. As you begin to grow up and begin facing responsibilities, baggage is not a viable excuse to flake out, not perform, call out of work. miss a deadline, or disregard all of your responsibilities. While you may not be escaping your baggage in the most enjoyable way, such as through school, work, or exercise. it is important to be thankful for the momentary break and distraction you are able to engage in. Because, once you are done with your obligation, you most likely will unveil your baggage one more time. Cherish the time, where your reality has no baggage-less and truly focus on being mindful and ENJOYING YOURSELF. Take advantage of your time away from your dirty laundry, because you can always return to washing laundry again.

Take a deep breath. Let your body feel lighter. Lower your shoulders. Smile.

I imagine most of my baggage to be stored in a five-set Samsonite black mill-wheel suitcase set. The Samsonite suitcase sets provide suitcases of all different sizes and bulkiness, which accurately depicts the variety of sizes of baggage I seem to have hidden within my trunk. My bigger baggage is stored in a baby pink Rimowa Salsa Air Cabin Multiwheel luggage. Did you know my baggage is being stored in a limited edition Rimowa Salsa Air suitcase? I like. my suitcases like I like my baggage, or emotional problems, limited edition.


Aichan Tewahade


Life Hack #26 – Flake Less

“Flake less. Don’t flake off.”

What I mean by this is that you should attempt to flake out on plans as little of times as possible. Following through with your plans, obligations, or any responsibilities for that matter is one of the best qualities that an individual can have – Not to mention, it sends clear signals that you care. Sometimes, it is understandable that we are unable to make obligations or plans, due to outside factors, but making this kind of behavior a negative thing can make it difficult to maintain stability in any aspect of your life. Being a flake sends clear messages that you do not care and that you’re not accountable, which has many repercussions.

Flaking out on plans, or not being consistent, is hurtful, annoying, and can add on unnecessary amounts of stress onto you.

I can say with conviction that I am a flake. Honestly, it is one of my worst qualities and truly hurts others around me. I can make excuses all I want until I die, but no amount of excuses in the world can make up for how frustrating it is for people to get ahold of me, let along try to hang out with me.

In order to avoid being “that flake,” it is important to understand your schedule, your stress levels, and your energy levels, as well as your tolerance to handle hanging out with another person. Similarly, it is important to make sure you take into account your mood, so you do not end up flaking on plans, due to mood swings.

Don’t make plans unnecessarily – this tends to be my problem, as I would love to make time to spend time with all my loved ones as much as possible, all the time. Be realistic and try to make plans in advance, which are the plans that are harder to flake out on.

Be a responsible planner and allocate your time wisely. Also, be sure to take into account the people whose time you may be wasting when you flake out on plans. In addition, you may be hurting someone’s feelings when you do this, as cheesy as that does not sound. People who go out of their way to make plans with you, do this because they genuinely would like to spend time with you. Obviously, if this is not the case, perhaps flaking out on plans may be in your best interest. If someone is investing their time and their excitement to spend time with you, do not let it go to waste. If plans fall through, try to make it up to them.

If you are planning to flake, and you will know when you are not going to end up leaving your bed, be honest and try to notify as in advance as possible. Try to at least be a respectful flake!

For those who cannot help but be flakey, try to convey this message to others and let them know that you are working on getting better with following through with plans and that they should not wait up unless you confirm the plans. I try to let people around me know this, so at least it is on the table. Likewise, if you are just not truly feeling up to it, let them know honestly. There is no need to come up with some big, elaborate lie.

Striving not to be a flake applies to all aspects of your life, including your professional and academic lives.

Being a flake is selling yourself short. Do not be a short flake – it is not cool.


Aichan Tewahade

Life Hack #25 – Sweatpants, Hair Up, Chillin’ With No Makeup On

While sweatpants, hair up, chillin’ with no makeup on may not to be my most attractive look, I have learned over the course of my lifetime that you simply cannot dress and look your best every day. Whether you cried the night before, are exhausted, or are stressed, sometimes life gets to us, and therefore, does not allow us the desire and/or time to look our best, as we would rather be comfortable and work with what we got.

Our society places an emphasis on upkeeping your outward appearances, in order to capitalize on a societal norm that the more attractive you are, the more successful, approachable, accepted and happy you will be. These are myths, but our society is quite brutal when it comes to judging others based on what they look like on the outside.

As human beings, we may not even consciously realize that we judge strangers and others around us based on their outward appearance, but we all do it all the time. This does not leave much wiggle room for those who just enjoy dressing comfortably, even in public.

The belief that one must “change,” or “get ready,” to go out into public is overused and overemphasized. While dressing nicely, or how you feel, should be an activity that you enjoy and are doing for yourself, we all once again unconsciously find ourselves in the routine of fixing ourselves up prior to going out into public.

Disregarding the entire act of upkeeping your hygiene, or maintaining some sort of beauty routine, is not something I would recommend, however, when the upkeep becomes more than just a small routine, realize that, as a human being, you should feel comfortable every day.

Above anything else, you want to be happy and comfortable in your own skin, as well as the way you choose to present yourself on any given day.

Even the biggest celebrities you know have their off-days and more than you know. Not to mention, they have the assistance of a team of elite beauty assistances, trainers and a stylist to assist them in overcoming some of the insecurities and burdens that as “normal folk” seem to encounter, YET THEY STILL HAVE OFF DAYS, or days where they may not be dressed in the most fashion-forward outfits, or have a full face of makeup.

It is hard to face scrutiny for your personal appearance, even when you are dressed in what seems like our best outfit to date and are wearing a full face of makeup. If anything, it hurts worse to face scrutiny when you are dressed in what seems like a “best dressed” type outfit, and when you have a full face of makeup. At least when you haven’t exerted any energy towards your outward presentation, you are aware of the obvious fact that you do not care to essentially “try” to primp yourself, and therefore, you are less susceptible to feeling hurt from any backlash you may receive for simply choosing to place your energy and time towards other things.

Primping yourself can be a fun, feel-good activity, as you should put on makeup if you want to, or even cake it on IF YOU TRULY WANT TO. In addition, if you want to whip out a risqué, or trendy, or a feel good or fashion-forward outfit, then you should do so. I am in no way trying to downplay the notion that one should always at least attempt to do things that will help them feel good on the inside and outside when they are out in public, or if they are feeling down.

“Trying,” as the millennials call it, is not a bad thing all the time. If you may not be feeling your best, attempting to primp yourself out and “actually get ready,” or make yourself look good (to your own standards), can help uplift your spirits, worries, or stressors. If you cannot beat them, dress better than them.

When you begin placing too much energy towards the aspect of appearing to look your best, or present yourself in a pleasing manner, becomes a central priority in your life, above your career, friends, family, health, etc., it can truly become detrimental. Usually when your outward appearance becomes such a big concern, looking and feeling your best has probably become more focused on the way that others perceive you, rather than how you perceive yourself. Getting caught up in this kind of comparison, and placing this much energy towards your outward appearance in order to please others, should never be your priority, as you will find yourself in more problems than you can conceptualize. You should take care of yourself for yourself, and you should also look your best, inside and outside, for yourself.

Beyond this, it is incredibly important to address the notion that beauty is not defined by the way that you outwardly appear, dress, or beautify yourself when one is out in public. Even in sweatpants and no makeup, you are beautiful!

If your mind is blown, then you need to reread that last statement and realize you are just as beautiful when you are in sweatpants and have no makeup on. Though you may not feel like it, beauty, while it is somewhat measured by your outward appearance, is and should never be strictly defined by one’s outside.

Do not be so hard on yourself for appearing how you normally do when you are just chilling or hanging out at home, in the privacy and in the comfort of your home. While some circumstances, such as work, job interviews, formal occasions, may require one to adjust their outward appearances accordingly and may have a more formal dress code, do not let your days be filled with the anxiety and fear of not looking your absolute best.

At this point, we all want to accentuate features of ourselves that we enjoy and look nice for ourselves, and others to a certain extent, however, you cannot hide your TRUE self from others forever. At some point, your family will see you looking “not so shabby,” and likewise, so will strangers, friends, acquaintances, ex-lovers, boyfriends or girlfriends, professors etc. This is something that you will need to get used to in order to begin embracing yourself.

Speaking for myself, I have nailed the “no makeup” part, as I was never formally taught to do makeup and genuinely do not wear makeup daily, or ever. For some reason, makeup was never introduced to me, so as a result, even as a 22-year-old, it was never included in my primping routine. I focus more on the fashion, the hygiene, the health, and the hair side of looking my very best. Just like any other individual, I have taken my outward appearance too seriously unnecessarily and find myself beating myself up for not being my best, even if it meant outwardly.

Maintaining your very best is tiresome more often than not. However, not outwardly appearing your best out in public is a sort of initiation that every human being has to endure, in order to realize that beauty, especially in our own eyes and the eyes of others, can be found even within the most oversized sweatpants, within the most bare naked face, and within the slightest bit of fat on your body.

No one is born perfect – nope, not any aspect of a human is perfect. This applies to their outward appearance, as well.

When you find yourself over analyzing your looks and outward image, just realize that we are all human and that it is okay not to exert very much effort on your outward appearance when it is not necessary. Just like many things in life, you cannot win every battle, especially looking your very best. But, it never hurts to attempt to look your best during every battle, even if you lose. It truly may make you feel better.

Sometimes the pressure of life gets to you, and once again, that is quite alright This pressure may result in one neglecting their hygiene and personal appearance, in order to cope, to heal, etc. You can try to fight it as hard as you and fight the good fight, but do not end up fighting yourself over something as insignificant as your “outsides,” or outward appearance.

As the celebrities say, not every day can be a red carpet day.

Be human. Be comfortable. Be happy. Because, you are beautiful.

Your sweatpants, hoodies, leggings, oversized t-shirts, and baggy attire are beautiful.

Your natural beauty is unmatched.

Get comfortable with your “normal” self, or your essentially naked, or most raw, or most vulnerable self, by allowing yourself the freedom of “not trying very hard” when you are getting ready. Look at yourself in the mirror. Breathe.

You are still alive. You are still breathing. Most importantly, you are still beautiful.

You can never hide genuine beauty, as it always manages to find a way to seep out from nowhere.

At least if you are ugly on the outside, you can redeem yourself by being beautiful on the inside đŸ€™đŸŸ Just kidding!

All jokes aside, allow yourself to truly embrace the “chill” and “I am too lazy to care” life. Let your soul and your outsides radiate with all natural beauty. Begin loving a pale face, sweatpants, and a low-maintenance look. Try to embrace an all-natural and untouched look, because there is no reason anyone should ever feel like they should hide their most natural, their most comfortable, and their most naked self.

Do not forget every once in a while to go out of your way to celebrate and express yourself with your outward appearance. You deserve to treat yourself, even if it means spending a little more time in front of the mirror crafting your perfect look for your day.

Whether you decide to glam it up, or play it down, you are still beautiful to me 💝
Simply put, if you like it, or feel like it, wear it!


Aichan Tewahade

A Day In The Life At Doggie Day Care

Recently, most of my time has been spent with lots of animals, specifically of the dog breed. Currently, my full-time job entails taking care of dogs, attending to their every needs, including their emotional needs. Other than smelling like a pooch full-time, I spend most of my days in one of the most loving environments, which is focused on caring for other’s needs.

I currently work for Camp Bow Wow, a doggie day care and dog boarding company, that caters to the needs of over 300 dogs. On a day-to-day basis, our location caters to up to 180 dogs at a time. So, it is safe to say that as a “Camp Counselor,” I have taken care of and gotten to know a great handful of dogs to this day. The job requirements of a “camp counselor,” includes picking up dog poop, but mostly, petting as many dogs as possible. IT TRULY INVOLVES MANY HOURS OF SIMPLY PETTING THE DOGS.

Yes, I have favorites (and, more than one favorite!) It is hard not to have favorites…what can I say, some dogs just leave bigger imprints on your life and resonate with you and your personality more.

Animals, or pets in this case, are therapeutic to be around, and this has been scientifically proven. Compared to many other work environments, my job is fairly low-paced and involves low-stress levels.

The mental, emotional, mood, and physical benefits that have come of spending time with dogs has been amazing. While I knew and was aware that there would be benefits of all sorts from this job, I did not realize how much of an effect it would take on my world.

Spending time with dogs five out of seven days of the week allows me to be surrrounded by a loving and caring environment most of my week. It also has allowed me to form relationships, some of which I have formed true bonds with, with some of these dogs I am paid to take care of.

As a pet, humans, specifically their caretakers, are their world. They generally feel enormous amounts of happiness, unconditional love, and excitement from encountering familiar faces.

It has been life-changing to have over 300+ dogs that I have met through my job show unconditional love and unconditional excitement to see you. There is something about the dogs running up to you, with a wagging tail, a smile, and loose hips, that can turn anyone’s day around. The best feeling is when you realize that certain dogs have begun recognizing you and run up to you with overwhelming amounts of joy and love.

“No one should be this excited to see me,” you think.

“I do not deserve to be loved this much, even after all the mistakes I have made,” you think again.

It is incredibly humbling to experience this kind of love and happiness, and as you begin surrounding yourself with this kind of environment, it begins rubbing off onto your day-to-day personality.

There is also something incredible about the amount of joy you experience when you make a new friend, or form a relationship, with some of the dogs that you encounter quite frequently. As you spend more and more time with them, you begin to notice their own personalities, know their strengths and weaknesses, and you can even tell who they like and do not like. It is infinitely better than forming relationships with human beings…just kidding…maybe…

Like relationships with humans, forming a genuine relationship with a dog requires lots of time, lots of effort, lots of trust, and lots of love. Similar to forming relationships with human beings, every dog is different and unique from other dogs, so, every dog requires a unique and seperate approach when getting to know them. Some dogs are shy, some dogs are timid, some dogs are rebellious, some dogs are anxious, some dogs do not like other dogs, some dogst are antisocial, some dogs are awkward, and the list goes on…Getting to know each and every dogs personality is exciting and a great experience, and it is truly hard to describe what the experience feels like.

As you begin accumulating a handful of friends of the dog variety, it almost becomes a fun journey, as you make it your mission to become friends with every single dog. It has become a fun challenge for me to attempt to get to know as many dogs as I possibly can. It takes much more time and effort than one would imagine.

None of the dogs that I have encountered, and I have encountered many and of many a variety, ever mean to inflict pain or do any wrong. This kind of trait is inspiring to witness, and once again, has helped push me to grow in the right directions.

Another amazing aspect of this job is the amount of responsibility and the amount of trust that each and every owner and every dog has placed in you to take care of their pet, and themselves. Especially for the owner, who do not get to meet every member of our staff, they are placing the lives of their precious dog, and an extension of themselves, into my hands. Just like when you are responsible for taking care of another human being, you do not want to endanger anyone or put anyone in a compromising position. In addition, you want to create an environment that is not only calming, but comfortable for every party.

Along with overseeing the dog’s activities, it is our responsibility to feed the dogs, bathe the dogs, and take the dogs down for a nap, among other things. When it comes to grooming, as a “camp counselor,” I am sometimes repsonsible for giving certain dogs baths and also assist in clipping the nails of certain dogs. It is always an adventure, and most dogs are hesistant and hate the idea of you soaking them. All the dogs love food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner times.

When I am working a long shift, I spend many hours in multiple dog yards, interacting with most of the dogs that come into daycare daily. It gives a nice change of pace, as I get to interact with a wide variety and am able to form relationships with plenty of dogs a day. After spending long hours, sometimes it gets tiring to maintain keeping an high energy and catering to all the dogs needs. During times like this, I often put myself in the dogs position and realize that they have come here to have fun, and as a result, I need to pump up the party and check up on every dog. Sometimes this is unrealistic, or slips my mind, but I do my best to attend to each and every one of the dogs.

Through my new job, I have also come to realize that dogs offer the world a type of innonce that humans ignore and do not prioritize. This kind of innonence reminds us to take a minute to reassess our personality, and hopefully inspire us to be better people. Sometimes, I think that we do not even deserve this kind of innonence in our life. Most importantly, this kind of innonence reminds me what it is like to be good, and the importance of “good,” in our somewhat evil world.

Animals, and constantly being surrounded by them, will never stop being therapeutic. If it was possible, I would recommend every person on this world to participate in some sort of daily animal therapy, or animal interaction. You would be surprised how much of an impact and uplifting manner the presence of animals will take on yourself.

My world has become dogs, and I have found myself divulging into their worlds. My priorities have begin changing and I have continuined growing in many ways that I could not even conceptualize. I live, love, laugh, and breathe dogs now. I must say that I am not mad at it. No matter how messy the dog is, or how much poop and mud they may be covered in, I have found room for love again.

I have attached some photographs of the doggos in their element – at camp! I have tried to capture as many dogs as possible on camera roll, but these are not even half of them.


I hope you enjoy these fun, loving creatures, doing what they do best, and I hope it makes your day a whole lot brighter!

Just keep woofin’ on (and, just keep pettin’ on) ♄

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Aichan Tewahade

What February Had To Offer Me

February 2018 – what a month for me! It was filled with much more stability and much more routine than the month of January, making it less exciting from time to time.

While it was full of much more stability and synchronised aspects, there were a handful of ups-and-downs, just like every other month. Amidst the stability, I came across a few obligations that I had pushed aside and procrastinated. However, instead of just completing the responsibilities I was supposed to carry out, I continued to set these obligations aside.

The stress of not addressing certain matters that needed to be addressed took a toll on me and my overall mood, as I engaged in binge-eating habits, a.k.a. stress eating, and did the minimal amount of work each day, pretending to be alright, when I was actually shaking inside. Not to mention, I became somewhat snappy, lacked patience, became lazy and negligent, and became a somewhat negative person.

I continued to stress-eat and ignore physical activity all-together, which had me beating myself up. I set aside my blogging responsibilities and just began ignoring my duties until the final moment possible.

I am human, but all these problems and stress I created for myself unnecessarily were all things I could have avoided, if only I did not let myself fall into a routine of lazy work-ethic and excuses.

This habit of procrastinating and “gliding by” has been a habit I have been attempting to kick since ‘nam. While I have been getting better at “just doing it,” I have allowed myself to fall back into the routine of it every once in a while. I am a generally motivated, focused, and critical of my own faults, so in order to avoid the disappointment that fills my entire body when I procrastinate, I attempt to complete these things before I avert my focus on other things in my life.

This month, while I would not consider it a complete mess, reminded me that I am not perfect and I must continue to work on these “flaws” that I thought would not ever be a problem. These “flaws,” or underlying traits that make us human, will always follow us until we reach our grave and are always things that you should constantly be working on, in order to continue growing.

Sometimes, I disregard these traits as potential problems, as I feel like I have gotten to know myself fairly well. I choose to ignore and not address these fatal flaws, not because I do not know that they exist, but simply because I am not particularly proud of them.

Being my own self-critic served to be the biggest roadblock of this month. Just because you put your best foot forward every day does not mean that you will not have days that you are not proud of, where you may have not been the best version of yourself. The problem that I continue to realize about myself is that I critic myself particularly hard, as a result of holding myself to a high standard. While this a great trait, I have been told, and have recognized, that I am a very harsh critic, to the point where I begin even doubting my own self-worth. Instead of allowing love in, or being a little kinder to myself, I allow myself to pick myself apart, taking jabs at every small mistake I have made, recently or in the past. This kind of thinking can serve to be detrimental when it begins consuming your thoughts, and you begin allowing it to degrade your self-worth. Once it begins consuming your thoughts, it begins to be the only thing that you think about. Not to mention, it is not a healthy way to go about living your life, as we make mistakes every day. It can lead to a very negative way of thinking. I almost forgot to congratulate myself for the successes of the month, by continuing to focus on my failures.

It was a bit humbling to be reminded that I still do have a lot to work to do on myself, that I will never be perfect, no matter how hard I try, and that making positive changes begins with myself and taking initiative.

I am not particularly proud of myself this month, as it was full of more “failures,” or human moments, than successes. The successes I did have this month are substantial, nonetheless. While I did not accomplish as much as I set out to accomplish, I still have the opportunities to correct these mistakes, in the future, which is not an opportunity every one is able to come across. I still have my long-term goals in mind, which I need to continue to remind myself are the priorities of my year. The joy of accomplishing these goals and overcoming these adversities brings much more fulfillment than ignoring your responsibilities, which only leaves you upset, angry, and full of more excuses.

These days, I have found myself leaning on peers, family, and friends more than usual, which has also made me ultimately fealt vulnerable. This is a healthy behavior, and I have found that people have more faith in me than I even can recognize. While I have spent the entire month beating myself up and feeling sorry for myself, I have found that outside influences have provided me with the strength, joy, and power to stay motivated and focused. I consider myself a somewhat independent person, or I strive to be, so when life calls for me to reach out for help, I tend to look down on myself instead of enjoying what others have brought to the table.

I have learned a lot about myself, or re-learned a lot about myself this month.

  • I am accountable for my own actions – with every irresponsible decision comes consequence, which one should anticipate
  • In order to correct the decision, you must take action
    • The sooner that you take action, the less the decision will weigh on your life
  • You are allowed to sulk and wallow in your fears and sorrows, but learn to get over your mistakes quickly
    • You are only allowed to complain about it for a little before you and your peers get annoyed
  • Most mistakes have easy corrections
    • But, you have to be willing to take action to fix these mistakes
    • No one else will do it for you
  • Make time to make these corrections
  • It is okay to ask for help
    • But, do not displace your stress and guilt on the other person
    • Do not waste their time, efforts and energy
      • Taking advantage of people and their company will only land you in more hot water
  • Follow through
    • Or, deal with the consequences
  • Stay positive, motivated, and do not bring others around you down

I hope that March brings more promise and successes for me, as I continue to learn the ins-and-outs of my own personality and essence.


Aichan Tewahade



Life Hack #24 – Spice Up Your Life

Every once in a while, it is good to shake things up in your life, even if you do not feel comfortable doing it or lack the enthusiasm to do it. It is always good to keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities to grow, love and laugh, and keep your heart open to new people, places, and habits.

You may surprise yourself with how much happiness keeping an open mind and heart can bring into your life.

Some new opportunities, including opportunities for new friendships, opportunities for growth, opportunities to smile, opportunities for new memories, opportunities for a new job, etc., may scare you at first, but try to keep an open mind and heart. It may take you a little bit longer than you would like to allow some new and extra spice in your life, but I promise you will not regret it. If this new opportunity does not end up seemingly benefitting you in the way that you had hoped and imagined, you have the ability to learn from this new experience and learning is always important.

While the synchronistic aspects of life are truly important and should always be celebrated, you can always add some more “spice” to these synchronistic aspects of your life, which often only heightens the enjoyability factor of your life.

Recently, as I began adjusting to new aspects of my life, weaving through all the ups-and-downs of getting acclimated, I decided to open my heart up to a new person, who had been extending their joy and happiness to me. I was hesitant at first, as I have found myself to be a creature of habit and seemingly can be close-minded to change.

The funny thing about my hesitation was that this individual seemingly had caught me off-guard simply due to her genuine kindness and happiness, giving me no substantial reason to ever question her intentions or her kindness. Even if I attempted to nit-pick at this human being, she seemingly gave me no real reason EVER to question or doubt her.

So, after much speculation and thought, I decided to stop letting all my irrational fears cloud my head and let some new friendships into my life. I forgot how exciting new friendships are, especially when these friendships are with people who are super outstanding and genuine people! I forgot how exciting it is to learn from other people’s simple presence and their own attitude; sometimes these new people who you let in can be inspiring. They may even inspire you to grow a little bit and their exceptional personalities may be motivating to be around, as they may serve as gentle reminders to be better versions of yourself.

This happened to be the case with me. After deciding to open up my heart a little bit more and try a little bit harder to embrace these new opportunities, I ended up beating myself up for not taking advantage of the beautiful, inspiring blessing and friendship right in front of me. It is not every day that you come across a genuinely humble, positive, good-humored, kind and loving human being that is also patient. This kind of kindness, patience, and humility was inspiring for me to see. In addition, it was particularly refreshing to come across an individual that possessed so many qualities that I respected and admired to an extent where I felt inspired to keep growing. Allowing my friendship with this person to grow and letting her into my life a little more was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Encountering people, who have literally become a source of motivation to grow and change, and ultimately, learn from, is an incredible thing. The more you surround yourself with individuals, who serve as inspirations and motivators for positive behaviors and personal growth, are individuals that you need to surround yourself with more. With that said, you can always learn a lot from another person, so do not withhold yourself from that blessing and gift.

This is the beautiful thing about opening your heart up to new experiences, or some spice, as you may end up surprised with the results of your decision. It may leave feeling grateful that you decided to be more open-minded, loving, and accepting, as you would be full of regret if you had never given this opportunity a chance.

My reasoning behind my lack of acceptance towards love is based on my own self-doubt, insecurities, and fear, but how can you spice up your life if you never give spices a chance? It is okay to be a little reserved and protect your heart, but sometimes I take this too literally and run with it too far. There’s no need to build The Great Wall of China around your heart, soul, and personality, in order to “protect” yourself, your feelings, and, in a sense, isolate yourself. Sometimes, being too reserved or protective of yourself can turn out backfiring on you, as you begin religiously closing yourself off to new doors and opportunities. Old habits do not open new doors, opportunities, or spices. With that said, you are essentially declining the offer to engage in the activity of living your life to its’ fullest extent by intentionally choosing to hold yourself back.

Life already withholds us back from certain opportunities, whether it is due to circumstances or mistakes we have made, so do not allow yourself to become somewhat victim to living your life “safely,” constantly exposing your palette to bland food. Expand beyond salt and pepper, because there is a whole ‘nother universe outside of salt and pepper. Try something new – it is not every day that spices come your way. When the opportunity presents itself, and you have access to some spices, allow them to expand your palette and enjoy it. Your first bite may be confusing, overwhelming, or even bad, but do not let that discourage you. On the other hand, your first bite can be completely life-changing, super good, and totally tubular. Maybe you won’t be able to get enough of it. Once you have played around with spices enough, you begin to get the hang of spicing up your life and can begin mastering certain aspects of utilizing spices. The key is allowing yourself to accept the spices that are handed your way – if you never allow yourself to experiment with the spices you have access to, you will never know what could come from using them.

Allow the spices to take over the entire meal and your entire palette. Let the spices do what they are supposed to do and let them manifest their own destinies.

Do not ever disregard a spice, or an opportunity to spice up your life, before allowing yourself to taste the spices.


The rules are simple – broaden your palettes and be prepared to spice up your life!


Aichan Tewahade

365 Times Around The Sun

Exactly a year ago, February 6th, 2017, I began a WordPress blog, as this had been one of my goals/dreams for a few years now. After years of procrastination, due to some insecurities, endless amounts of excuses, and a lack of focus and drive, I finally decided to conjure up some courage and stop letting my fears and anxiety get in the way of actually following through with this dream of mine. Yeah, I did not think I would be successful at it, even though deep down inside, I wanted success. I did not think many of my friends or family truly believed that I would follow through with this plan, nor did they truly believe that I was truly going to commit to following through with one of many “awesome ideas that they thought I would be really good at.” I struggle with following through with implementing dreams and goals, and I really was not sure what to expect or if I would actually finally commit to something that I super secretly wanted to be good at and invest time in.
Honestly, even after creating the blog itself, I did not believe anyone would want to, let along, ever read what I had to say. A blog is similar to a journal, it is an open book and you have the freedom to make it your own. Many hours, endless nights, and many hand cramps were involved with my mindless, 13-page rants that were within my journal, as I wrote down my thoughts, opinions, rants, ideas, and whatever else I wanted to write, draw, or insert into my journal. It was a great way for me to relieve some stress and write freely my endless thoughts that not everyone, including myself, could even piece together sometimes. My journal became therapeutic, and slowly but surely, my endless rants, complaints, and my thoughts lead for me to begin writing about life lessons I learned from my day of living, including the good, the bad, the ugly, and the boring. Some days I wrote about myself, other days, I wrote about life advice or life lessons that I had realized from my day. Some days I would just rant incessantly about nonsense. All I know was that I had a lot to say and a lot to share. I have now filled five journals, and while I have fallen out of the habit of journaling daily, I would like to reconnect with this hobby of mine.
Slowly, while I was filling out the last few pages of my very first journal, I came to a conclusion that I would like to start my own blog – why not put my thoughts, my experiences, my life lessons, and my words onto the Internet for those to share? I am not the biggest fan of opening up to people, including my own friends and my own family, in fact, I am quite closed off, especially when it comes to speaking about anything below surface-level. A journal was great, as it is where I find myself being the most honest version of myself, where I was the most capable of expressing myself comfortably, and where I could address my emotions and emotional side of myself (which I do NOT like to do). My journal became my best friend. Yup, I placed more trust in this inanimate object than I did in people, including myself at times. For some reason, I knew that my journal was safe and that I could trust it not to judge me despite what was being written in it. My journal was my trusty mate, someone I could count on whenever or wherever. While a journal is much more personal and something you can keep to yourself, a blog, while similar to a journal in some senses, is much less personal. A blog, which is public for anyone to see, does not allow for the privacy that journals provide. With that said, I took a leap of faith and decided that I had some insight, opinions, thoughts, passions, etc. that I wanted to share with the world. Even if no one would acknowledge my words, I figured “Eh, why not?”
Not having a prompt, or any idea how to create a “brand, or a presence on social media, really made it difficult at first to even produce my first post, which did not come along until days after February 26, 2017, when I finally just did it, like Nike keeps trying to tell me to do.
So, naturally, I began with coming up with a name for my blog. My inspiration for the name of my blog, while I cannot pinpoint the exact moment, came to me while I was mindlessly scrolling through my Tumblr news feed.
The name of my blog needed it to be catchy, but I wanted it to be something unique, something “me,” something that conveyed my values and beliefs, and something that was available for use (a.k.a. a URL name/username that was not already in use). It seemed that any ideas that I had seemed to be falling through, even when I was being “creative” and “thinking outside of the box,” every name for my blog that I wanted to use had already been taken.
Finally, after wracking my brain for hours, I came up with “” The inspiration behind my blog, is about allowing people into my life, allowing them to indulge in my world honestly. Similarly, the blog’s main message is for others to learn to indulge in their lives, learning to overcome hardships and learning to enjoy life, no matter what adversities one must face. Enjoying life and allowing people into my world, with the hopes of helping, providing hope, providing humor, providing a safe place, and impacting someone positively, is the goal of the blog.
Once I customized the theme of my WordPress, I had to overcome another hurdle – actually blogging and creating a blog post. The blog was inactive for a few days, or even weeks, after I created it. After some time, I finally just bit the bullet and wrote some words down.
“Great, you posted one post…now, what? Where are you going to go with this?”
Don’t worry, I kept procrastinating.
When I began my blog, I truly had nothing else to ruin or to do. I had no choice, but to sit in the smallest studio apartment, in a basement with not much to work with other than myself, my brain, my thoughts, my boredom, my hyper personality, my anxiety, my laziness, and my creativity. I also had access to working limbs that allowed me to type, if only I just STOPPED with the excuses, with the insecurities, I could just do this blogging thing. I had nothing to lose and lots of time to kill. I also have a lot to say, and realize that I often do not think before I speak and struggle with expressing myself verbally clearly and concisely. My mouth gets me in trouble sometimes.
Let me just be real – I do not speak very eloquently via mouth, so why not try to capitalize on my written interpersonal communication skills, which allow me to convey my thoughts, feelings and emotions in the most direct way possible. Blogging, or writing, allows me to think before I speak or act, in this case, I am forced to think before I type up an article and before I post something. This allows me to truly gather all my thoughts together and portray myself in a way that is easy for others to understand.
Blogging seems easy at first, until you realize that a blogger is required to post regularly, create new content daily, create a “brand personality” for yourself, connect with others, be creative, etc. It is a full-time job. So, after months of attempting to succeed at this blogging activity, I finally was able to create what seemed like a legitimate personality, as well as a routine. My brand personality was inspired by my own personality – SHOCKER. I decided to not make things any more difficult for me, capitalize on my strengths and interests, and be honest. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, be yourself.” This actually came in handy, though.
I lost momentum throughout the year, focusing on it when I desired, but after being disappointed by my analytics, I knew the only way to go about taking care of something that I cared for required more than just applying myself whenever I felt like it. I did not want to fail miserably.
I kept reminding myself that with practice and hard-work, you can achieve “perfect.”
So, I implemented a plan to stick with this blog and held myself accountable. This was something I cared about, was passionate about, etc., so just like other things in my life, in order for it to grow and flourish, one must attend and care for its needs. This required a lot of courage and focus for me, as I often find myself insecure about advertising my blog, due to the way others may perceive it. I realized I needed to get over this insecurity of mine, and if people liked it, they liked it. If they did not like it, they did not. I still feel very uneasy at times about this matter.
As my father always reminds me, the quality of your work is not based on likes, neither are you. The key to success is consistency and continuing to be genuine, going above and beyond, and having fun.
Having fun is great and all, except when you are faced with yourself being your biggest critic. Yup, I am a perfectionist, but truly hide this desire to be perfect by acting like I do not care AT ALL. I secretly care TOO MUCH, to the point where I am so stressed that about the idea of rejection as a result of imperfection and not up-keeping a perfect image, that I never follow through with anything. I also tend to replace this regret of being a wuss by acting out of control, in order to alleviate the stress of regret in many ways that hurt all aspects of my life.
Instead of spending time in my head thinking about “how this could be so great for me and so fun,” I decided to be imperfect and present myself as a more genuine form of me.
One of my biggest fears is that people may find grammatical errors within my articles. I get so embarrassed by that.
Today, however, I discovered SOMETHING new – a spell check feature. I wish I would have discovered this a year ago, after endless months of complaining about how annoying it was that WordPress DID NOT have a spell-check feature. Everything has spell-check these days.
Game Changer. 
While I am no social media celebrity, I AM PROUD TO SAY I HAVE REACHED A YEAR OF BLOGGING, 262 POSTS LATER, 2,727 VIEWS LATER, 1,400 VISITORS, 120 WORDPRESS FOLLOWERS LATER, & 1,070 LIKES LATER, I am proud to say that Indulge Your Life has survived one-year, or 365 days, of existence!
Happy first birthday to my beautiful child [my blog]! May my blog’s second year of existence be full of just as many challenges, triumphs, fails, likes, frustrations, excitement, follows, and opportunities than I ever imagined.
I never thought we would make it this far. I cannot believe we are still growing!
Over the course of the last year of wrestling with my blog, this blog has become one the most positive outlets for my emotional and mental stressors, a great way to connect with others, a way to express myself creatively, and it has become therapeutic for me. I may not be able to handle taking care of a baby full-time, however, a blog, I can do that.
I would like to thank those who have taken time out of their day to appreciate, follow, dislike, acknowledge, or even secretly check out my blog! An an even bigger shout out to all the those hiring managers, who I basically forced to read my blog, by inserting in my resume and cover letter, not so discretely. Even if you may have been lying about even taking time to look over it and enjoying it, thank you for putting up with that obnoxious behavior and taking time to acknowledge its existence. The last shout out goes to my friends, who I text, bother and force to “go like my blog post article link that I posted on Facebook.” I do this every single time. I truly would apologize for bringing it up in every instance possible, but I really am not sorry. It is okay that you do not even have time to read the articles, it is the actual fact that you put up with my self-promotion to an extent in which I do not have the patience for. But, most importantly, for those who have kept encouraging me to follow my dreams, supported me, assisted me, and reassured me when I doubted myself, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME THE REASSURANCE TO KEEP MOVING AND DOING WHAT I LOVE.
With that said, I hope that many more amazing opportunities, outcomes and positivity come out of keeping up with this passion of mine. I hope I can share my passions with you!
I do not really have much of an agenda, other than doing more of what I love, writing what is on my mind, and growing and expanding on my passion.
Thank you to anyone and everyone once again, who has been supportive, who has come across my blog, and made this opportunity so successful and enjoyable for me.
I hope to continuing producing content that is new, exciting and fresh, as I have many new exciting plans and projects planned for the future.

To my followers and readers, what kinds of post would you like to see from me in the new future? In what aspects, could I improve on my blog? What are your thoughts?
Let me know. I would love to hear from you guys!

Aichan Tewahade