A Man’s Best Friend

I can never skip a beat with these dogs and they bring me so much more joy and purpose than they even know and comprehend. My job is awesome!

As I have begun spending a majority of my time among animals who exude innocence and genuinity, I have realized how much my own mood affects an entire crowd of dogs. Animals are extremely sensitive and can easily pick up on your mood and your outward aura. It is maybe easier for them to pick up on your mood and your demeanor than it is for them to find a place to mark their territory.

When I bring in a good attitude, good intentions and a good energy into work and when I am interacting with the dogs, it shows in the dog’s behavior, demeanor, and facial expressions. This is the most rewarding feeling in the world. This is a task easier said than done.

It is more than a pleasure to be able to witness, let along capture, some of these special moments I share with these best friends of mine. I have made more friends and they are just as amazing behind the camera as they are in person.

Enjoy my newest gallery, which includes a compilation of my recent photographs of my best friends in action – TOTALLY CANDID.


I cannot stay away from these best friends of mine. They have so much joy to bring into the world!

Their smiles light up my world.

Stay tuned for more furry friends showing off what their mama’s gave them! My gallery only keeps growing at a very rapid pace.


Aichan Tewahade

Adventure Time

There is never a bad day to take a ride up a mountain and immerse yourself into nature, even on a Sunday. After a long winter being deprived of nature, I have found myself missing my time outside.

Boulder, Colorado is full of incredible natural treasures, just a drive away. These kind of epic views are not accessible to just anyone and should never be taken advantage of.

This all natural adventure allowed me a chance to connect to my coworker on a deeper level. It is amazing how nature can bring people together.

I have included a gallery of our outdoorsy adventure on Flagstaff Mountain, one of Boulder’s major landmarks. Our spontaneous adventure also included a trip to Gross Reservoir, which can be deemed Boulder’s very own beach.

The day was full of smiles and carefree living, as well as plenty of nature.

The power that nature can have on your mood, your outlook, and your overall health is incredible, even in small doses. Nature is where I find my serenity and do my best thinking.

Find some clarity in nature.


Aichan Tewahade